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8 Best Websites for Personalized Gifts This Holiday Season

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September 09, 2016 · 4k Views

Fall is coming soon and that means a little more than pumpkin spice lattes for us, it means holiday and time with loved ones plus, it also marks the season for gifting. I don’t know about you but holiday gifts always has me stumped. Long shopping lists and a lack of ideas means I’ll be here, procrastinating. Hard. But this year, there’s a gift that will fit majority of people on my (and your) gift list.

If you want to get a head start on some gift creations, photo or experience gifts are one of the best. A photo gift will document and show the other person how much you cherish the moments you’ve had together. An experience gift will give you both the opportunity to try something new together. And guess what? Both will fit right within your budget. (See for yourself below).

Most of you have probably heard of Shutterfly and we highly recommend them for photo gifts. Shutterfly gives you the ability to add a personal touch to your gifts with a wide range of design templates and creations. You can choose from photo books and calendars to personalized mugs and home decor.


How You Can Save: Shutterfly is generous (and I mean really generous) with their coupon discounts. For one, you can always find a discount code to use for Shutterfly and they range from 40-50% off everything to free gifts. (I actually received a free customized mug coupon code once and designed one as a birthday gift for my friend once!).

370d23fa0940dabc5367dfa1c0e3415b.pngREADY TO SAVE? Shutterfly Coupons & Offers

Bonus: if you’re new to Shutterfly, you can sign up and get 50 free 4x6 prints, a free magnet AND a free set of address labels with your order. Um, that’s pretty much a gift package right there.

Groupon is one of the best places for experience gift, and especially so if you’re on a budget. I don’t know how many times I’ve relied on Groupon for a discount voucher to try local cuisine and activities but I can tell you I’ve saved at least 40-50% off each time! For example, when you purchase a voucher deal on Groupon, you can get $50 worth of food from X restaurant for just $25. It’s also a great way to see what kind of activities are available in your local area if you’re looking for ideas on what to do.

Activity deal from Groupon for Los Angeles residents

How You Can Save: Groupon rolls out a lot of 10-20% off coupon codes and you can add this on top of existing voucher discounts for greater savings.

370d23fa0940dabc5367dfa1c0e3415b.pngREADY TO SAVE? Groupon Coupons & Offers

Bonus: New to Groupon? Use coupon code WELCOME for a special one time discount of $10 off $25.

Okay, you don’t know this (or maybe you do?), but one of Walgreens best services is actually their photo center. If you don’t have time to order from other sites, you can access similar photo creation services online at Walgreens and most will be ready for pick up at your local Walgreens within an hour or so. And yes, they have tons of new photo coupons available every week so you’re guaranteed a discount any time.


How You Can Save: you can find tons of discount codes to use on Walgreens photo services. Some of their most common discount rotations include $15 off $30 on photo gifts, 40-50% off photo cards or prints and free shipping on your photo orders.

370d23fa0940dabc5367dfa1c0e3415b.pngREADY TO SAVE? Walgreens Coupons & Offers

Bonus: we partnered with Walgreens to bring shoppers an exclusive code for an extra 41% off all photo prints! This offer will end October 1, 2016.

This one’s for you Instagram lovers! Social Print Studio focuses on bringing your social media snaps to life in the form of square magnets, photos, beautifully designed photo book for Instagram prints, Instagram inspired calendar and much more. Your Instagram photographer family or friend will appreciate this gift. Get inspired by checking out their DIY Print Studio page and get a feel for what you can do with Social Print.

Social Print Studios

How You Can Save: Social Print Studio does not currently offer any discount codes but their items are fairly priced with hardcover photo books starting at $25 and other fun creations like sticker books, giant photo strips, tiny books and more for $20 or less.

Similar to Shutterfly, Mixbook offers many different customizable options which includes photo books, cards, canvas prints and photo prints. The only difference is in their designs and template options. Mixbook is perfect for those who loves fun and quirky designs plus, they have a handy auto-fill feature so you don’t have to fill in the blanks for your creation.


How You Can Save: Mixbook has a new coupon code you can use every week! Plus, if you’re new to the site, you can sign up for email updates and get 50% off your first order. Not too shabby eh?

370d23fa0940dabc5367dfa1c0e3415b.pngREADY TO SAVE? Mixbook Coupons & Offers

Snapfish is another photo print online service you can use to print your favorite photos from multiple locations like Facebook, laptop, Instagram and Flickr. One of our favorite thing about Snapfish is how affordable it is to do bulk prints for the holidays. For example, they often have deals like 99 4x6 prints for just 99¢! They also have customizable options for blankets, pillows, mugs, totes and more.


How You Can Save: simply browse snapfish.com because most of their deals and coupons for the week will be listed on the homepage. If you want to see an entire list of active coupon codes and offers for Snapfish, look below!

370d23fa0940dabc5367dfa1c0e3415b.pngREADY TO SAVE? Snapfish Coupons & Offers

Want more than just photo books and prints? Skinit lets you design your own custom case and skins for iPhones, Macbooks, headphones, wall skins and even your gaming console. With Skinit, you’ll get full control over the design you want but you can also access some pre-designed skins. And this is rare, but they also offer medical skins for your cochlear implant device!


How You Can Save: check out their homepage for the latest promotional offer and you can also access their entire coupon page below.

370d23fa0940dabc5367dfa1c0e3415b.pngREADY TO SAVE? Skinit Coupons & Offers

Zazzle is the ultimate go to if you want to unlimited creations. By that, we mean, you can personalize everything from clothing and accessories to electronics and kitchen items. Zazzle has some beautifully pre-designed items up for grabs too and if you’re a designer, you can upload your designs to Zazzle and start earning royalties! Need some inspiration? They have a gift section full of ideas for you to get started.


How You Can Save: Zazzle typically offers a site wide discount code and rotate and category specific code so one week you can save 15% off everything or 60% off business cards and these offers vary from week to week. You look below to access their entire coupon offers.

370d23fa0940dabc5367dfa1c0e3415b.pngREADY TO SAVE? Zazzle Coupons & Offers


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I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
CassieWizardSep 09, 2016
www.yesbobbleheads.com You can make a custom bobblehead of one or two people and personalize hair, eyes, skin, etc. You can put them in superhero outfits, certain work uniforms like nurses and firefighters, or simple clothes. Currently there is either a Groupon or a Living Social coupon for them. They take 4 - 6 weeks so if you want to get one for someone for Christmas ---- get it early!

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