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8 Jean Brands We Love and Can't Live Without

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August 28, 2017 · 1.5k Views

Out of all the articles of clothing, we all shop for on the reg… you have to admit, jean shopping has us all in a stump. Have you gone through too many brands just to find one or two go-to brands for jeans that have the perfect fit? We know that pain. These past few years have seen a slew of new fashion retailers including some very popular brands that have transplanted from Europe to the U.S. From Zara to Topshop, we now have even more jean brands to try and we gotta say, we like what they have to offer. We like it a lot.

So as a fellow shopper on the never ending path to seeking out the best jean brands, check out some amazing denim retailers we can’t do without. Now we know that most brands will work for one body type but not another but these are all tried and true that we can only speak for. If you have a fave denim brand that’s not on this list, please tell us about it in the comments! We’re always hunting down new brands to try.

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1. Lucky Brand

lucky brand jeans

This retailer has been in the denim business for a very long time and they’ve crafted countless fits through the years to cater to all body types. Whatever wash, cut, fit, or style you love, you’re bound to find it at Lucky Brand. To start, you can browse their entire collection and shop by your favorite jean fit!

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2. Topshop


Topshop has some of the trendiest (and questionable) jeans by far. From high-waisted mom jeans to distressed boyfriend jeans, you’ll find all the latest styles from this UK based retailer. Topshop also hosts a wide range of fits that cater to both regular, petite and plus sizes. If you’re a fan of high-waisted skinny jeans that fit like your comfiest pair of leggings, you’ll want to try their Jaime collection.

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3. Old Navy

old navy jeans

Old Navy is one of our top picks for style range and affordability and one of their top selling jeans hail from their Rockstar collection. The Rockstar Jean is one of the best fitted skinny jeans we’ve tried with great stretch and flexibility for a comfortable fit. And all for a price you can’t beat.

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asos jeans

This massive e-tailer carries tons, and we mean TONS of different fashion brands with a very impressive range fits for clothing and footwear. We can’t speak for every brand ASOS carries but it is definitely a great place to browse if you’re looking for new jean brands to try. (P.s. they also carry a great range wide fit shoes--just sayin’).

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5. American Eagle

ae jeans

To this day, American Eagle has some of the best and comfiest pair of jeans we’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. (And it’s still holding up… give or take 6 years later). For quality, comfort, and affordability, this classic brand is the way to go.

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6. Good American

good american jean

Ah, yes. Good American is a relatively new body-inclusive brand co-founded by Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede. This brand crafts a few different jean styles with a size range of 00-24. If having a good stretch in your jeans is a must, don’t be so quick to dismiss this brand. They truly have something for nearly every body shape and sizes. The only downside? They’re not so wallet-friendly.


7. Levi’s

levis jean

How can we forget this classic brand? Levi’s is the king of quality denim that is so worth the investment. We own a few ourselves and these never go out of style. From frayed jean shorts to slim fit jeans, find your new timeless fave at Levi’s.

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8. Calvin Klein

ck jeans

Calvin Klein has some pretty amazing jeans with classic washes, styles, and a wide range of fits that’ll cater to your personal preferences. While you’re at it, browse their underwear collection too! CK athleisure wear has been trending recently and it’s not hard to see why. Comfy, simple, and chic is the way to go these days.

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