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8 Sneaky Ways to Save Money Shopping for Kids Clothes Online

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October 16, 2015 · 2.9k Views

(Alison is a guest blogger from Pint-Sized Treasures.)

Most people consider me a frugal mom. I try to stretch our dollars, but still believe investing in the “good stuff.” Through the years I’ve come up with some sneaky ways to save money shopping for kids clothes online. Why? Because our family rarely has time for big shopping trips, but my kids are always needing new clothes.

Sure, you could go the hand-me-down route, but when kids are learning, growing and playing, many times they get dirty in the process or even rip a hole in their new sweater or jeans. Shoes? They rarely make it down to the next kid.

I call these tips sneaky because I’m amazed at the parents who haven’t learned them. I constantly get asked where I shop for my kids clothes, because people love our look and style!

If you want your kids to look super-cute and save time and money, check out these super sneaky tips below. And if you want to thank me for these “aha” moments, just share this article with your friends so they too can know the “inside scoop” of budget-savvy shopping online too!


1. Always look for coupon codes

Before you click “pay now” on your clothing order, be sure to take a few moments to scour the web for a promo code or two for the company you’re purchasing clothes from.

2. Find places that stack coupons

There are several clothing coupons that will let you use, two, three and even four promo codes or coupons! Keep a running list of those stores and shop there often. I stack coupons at Kohl’s and JCPenney — sometimes it feels like I have a handful of gift cards when I shop at those two places.

3. Sign up for store credit cards

My husband and I often both sign up for our favorite clothing stores’ credit cards. We then receive double the coupons every single month. We use these credit cards for our clothing purchases, but always pay them on time in order to avoid interest. You have to stay organized with your budget and bills to do this without having to pay interest. As long as you follow the “don’t buy it unless you have the money to pay for it” rule, then you should be okay!

4. Shop online consignment stores

Did you know there was such a thing? My family often shops at Thred-up. We love when we receive a super-cute, polka-dotted box in the mail! They offer high-end brands such as SAKS Fifth Avenue and as well as your everyday fave hoodies at Old Navy. Everything is inspected, tagged, and they also offer hassle-free returns. You can also refer your friends to shop there and give them a $10 shopping spree. If your friends place an order, you get $10 per friend to shop too!

5. Join discount clubs

There also also online discount clubs where they feature new brands every week. It’s different from online consignment because it’s all new products. I often shop at Zulily because they cover so many genres of products. I can find clothes for me, my kids, home decor, make-up, shoes and accessories. Prices range from 30-90% off retail. It’s like shopping at discount outlets stores — but from home!

6. Keep measuring tape handy

Most online clothing companies have a sizing chart. It’s best to check and double check these charts before making a purchase. Just keep a measuring tape around so you can quickly grab the accurate measurements. If you guesstimate, you may be making some future returns or “gifting” your purchase. You can also keep a running log of your child’s measurements on your phone or computer for easy access. Just be sure to update the information as your children grow.

7. Make holidays your shopping days

Almost every single retail store offers deals, discounts and free shipping during the holidays. Check out your fave shopping places during every single holiday to save some extra dough on clothing. Don’t forget about the lesser known holidays too! Retail stores are holiday happy!

8. Sort by price

Most online shopping retailers offer choices on browsing. Most of the time it is automatically set to “recommended.” Find the “sort by” section and change the setting to “price — low to high.” This way you won’t miss out on the best markdowns!


Did you find any new money-saving tips for shopping for your kids? Do you have any I didn’t mention? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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Alison is a mom of six kids who loves saving money on her journey of motherhood. She owns a parenting website at http://www.pintsizedtreasures.com where you can find parenting tips, frugal living ideas, fun crafts, mouth-watering recipes and inspiration for your journey!

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