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9 Stages of Having No AC in the Summer

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June 27, 2016 · 2.1k Views

Summer days are fine days right? Wrong. Especially wrong if you don't have a working AC to relieve you of those sweaty summer nights tossing and turning without any hint of relief in sight. Which of these stages are you currently in? Doesn't matter, we all arrive at stage 9 soon enough. Soon. Enough.

Stage 1: I'm gonna be just fine. It's not that hot anyway! I'm saving so much money by not having AC! I can do this!

Stage 2: Hmm. So, this really should not be this difficult. I'm def overreacting. I mean, our ancestors didn't have AC and they were just fine. Yes, sometimes they died of heat stroke but I'm pretty sure that was rare...

Stage 3: The sweat has commenced and I'm taking frequent trips to the freezer just to remember what cold is. But this is only for like 2 months. I can make it 2 months.

Stage 4: I'll be honest: I'm starting to lose hope. This heat is like THE FIRE OF 1000 SUNS beating down on my soul.

Stage 5: I never knew that I possessed so. many. sweat. glands.

Stage 6: It's ok! I think I'm going insane and my clothes are sticking to me but it's ok! I'm going to take a dip in the pool, eat some ice cream and take a very, very cold shower. Then I'm going to find the closest Walgreens and wander in it for an hour or three.

Stage 7: Well, I'm pretty sure I have heat stroke and my body is engulfed in a fiery abyss of pain and 1000 degree fire. I think I need to go to the hospital. Or have some more ice cream. Or put ice cream in my bathtub and take a nice cold bath in it.

Stage 8: I can't tell if I'm crying or sweating, or sweating while crying.



It looks pretty exaggerated right? But it won't be when you're dealing with the heat and your refrigerator can only provide such limited comforted. ACs do tend to run high but you can check out Home Depot, Walmart, Sears or Lowes for summer deals. If you decide that its still too pricey to invest in one, we highly recommend purchasing a box fan. Once the sun sets and the heat dissipates, the box fan is an effective way to circulate your room with the cool evening air. You can grab a box fan from any of the listed stores for AC or try a price comparison at Amazon to see where you can get the lowest price. Box fans. You cheap hero you.

Where are you from and what stage are you at?

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