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9 Ways The Pink Tax Got Way Too Real

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Julie GersteinGuest Blogger
April 06, 2016 · 2.2k Views

Women and men: We're not that different, and yet! According to the rules of marketing and advertising, women end up paying  vastly different amounts for the everyday things we use. Women are often charged what's called a Pink Tax  — a subtle, but ubiquitous tariff for things like razors or shaving cream — for products that are identical to men. Over a lifetime, women pay around 7 percent more than men for EVERYTHING, which breaks down to an average of about $1,400 a year. We've found 9 examples that show just how much the Pink Tax is taking a toll.


1. Razors. Because women should have to pay more to shave their legs than men should have to pay to shave their chin hairs. 

 BiC Silky Touch Women's Razors, Pack of 4, $3.99. That's $1.00 a razor. 

 BiC Comfort 3 Sensitive for Men, Pack of 8, $5.59. Each razor is $0.70


2. Shaving cream. The foamy, unfairly priced accompaniment to razors. 

 Skintimates SkinTherapy Moisturizing Shave Gel, $3.99, or $.57 cents per ounce. 

 Barbasol Thick & Rich Shaving Cream, $2.19, or $.22 cents per ounce. 


3. Earplugs. Because women's ears are so tiny, delicate, and different!

 Walgreens Women's Earplugs Pink, $4.79

 Walgreens Soft Foam Earplugs, $3.79


4. Crewneck T-Shirts: For some reason, women's crewneck tees cost more than twice as much as men's shirts. Do you see much of a difference between the two? 

 Hanes Women's Relaxed Fit Jersey ComfortSoft Crewneck T-Shirt, $5.49 

 Hanes Men's White TAGLESS Crewneck Undershirt 6-Pack, $15.99. That comes out to $2.66 per shirt, which is less than half the cost of ONE women's shirt. 


5. Women pay way more at the mechanic. 

Yup, it's sad but true: Women pay way more at the auto mechanic. In a 2013 study from Northwestern University, researchers found that women were charged more than men for a repair that was supposed to cost about $335. For the experiment, researchers had women and men call up auto mechanics and ask for price quotes, stating that they had no idea what the particular repair should cost. Women around $13 more for repairs, while men were typically undercharged for repairs by about $10.  


6. And for haircuts. 

 Men's haircuts cost on average $28 

 Women's haircuts cost on average $44 — nearly double! : ( WHAT. 


7. Pink-painted chocolates

These Kinder Surprise chocolates — chocolates with toys in the middle — are clearly gendered pink for girls and blue for boys. And despite being the same size and quantity, the pink ones are .31 € more per unit than the blue ones. 


8. Hair Removal Cream.

Funny, who knew that men and women had radically different body hair? 

While it might appear that the pink product is cheaper, that's not the case. One is priced per 100 milileters and the other is priced per 100 grams, so one the pink product is actually way more expensive than the men's product. 


9. Deodorant

 Speed Stick by Mennen Power Antiperspirant & Deodorant, $2.79

 Lady Speed Stick by Mennen Invisible Dry Antiperspirant & Deodorant, $2.89

Okay, so it's just a ten cent difference, but over a lifetime that can really add up! And isn't that the point? These aren't astronomical differences, but when a woman adds up the small amounts of money she's spent on the pink tax over her life, it's pretty infuriating. 


Found any other examples? Show us.


lilyangApr 08, 2016
wow! this is fascinating, the price differences were so subtle that i never noticed but I'm going to start buying the "men" version of products from now on!

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