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8 Affordable Places to Shop for Baby Supplies

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May 16, 2016 · 2.2k Views

(Alison is a guest blogger from Pint-Sized Treasures.)

When your family beings to grow, you need to learn how to be a savvy shopper! And when babies are in the picture, you definitely need to know the most affordable places to shop for baby supplies!

Before you run out to your favorite shopping spot, remember that many companies take advantage of your new baby adventures! Don’t be fooled by all the visual displays and abundance of choices at well-known stores. Most of the best money-saving deals for baby supplies are little bit more hidden. So I’m sharing al the sneaky details with you right now!


1. Facebook groups

I can’t tell you how many times I drool over cute baby equipment, adorable furniture and more in my hometown’s Facebook groups. There are oodles and oodles to choose from! Lots of images sellers put in the groups let you know what items look like before you agree to meet up in person. Just be sure to meet up in a well populated, safe place!

2. Community consignment sales

Many larger cities have gigantic sales three or four times per year for gently used and brand new baby supplies. They normally take place at expo centers or large warehouses. It’s a big treasure hunt and items are individually priced and well organized. Get to the sale on the first day for the best selection, but the last day of most sales offers an even deeper discount. The choice is up to you!

3. Offer Up

This is a super-easy way to shop for baby supplies! When you’re grabbing your lunch or just relaxing in your bed, you can browse all kinds of baby items on your phone! New and used items are available. Items are sold locally and you can look instantly at what sellers are offering in your city. Easy-peasy and super cheap!

4. Burlington Coat Factory

This store is well-known among budget savvy shoppers. You can find all the top name brands here for your baby supply needs. Adorable toys, clothes and shoes are just a few of the baby items you’ll want to grab at this store. The supply is limited, but the selection is great for the price. This store offers all brand new products at a fraction of the larger retail store’s prices. This is where I grab baby gifts for my family and friends, and they’re always thrilled with the gift selections!

5. TJ Maxx

Another favorite store among budget conscious parents is TJ Maxx. You can grab Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and other brand name favorites here for 40-90% off retail prices. There are also adorable toys, socks, diaper bags and knick knacks that are super-cute but won’t break your budget. Selection is limited, but this store re-stocks weekly. There are always new treasures to be discovered — especially in the baby section! My favorite diaper bag was snagged from here!

6. Amazon

Check out the deal of the day. There are some great ones that come up about eight times per month. You can also search  items that are 75% or more off the retail price. I have snagged lots of products here for a deeply discounted price by doing exactly that!

7. Zulily

This is a company that has a unique selection of brands. You honestly never know what brands will be selling on this site! However, there are always baby supplies to be found. Prices are discounted for a few days and then the deals are over. And if you refer a friend, you can get shopping credit and then shop for free! Be careful though. Only purchase brands you know and trust. Some brands get their debut through Zulily and have not been proven. I’ve learned the hard way!

8. Display items at large retail stores

If you find a baby item that only has the display item left, you may have just found a huge deal! Many stores will be willing to sell the display if you ask to talk to the manager. Most of the time these will be larger items like cribs, strollers, high chairs and car seats. Don’t be afraid to ask and always ask for a discount when it comes to display items!

Did I leave out any other amazing places to grab baby supplies? Let me know in the comments below!


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Alison is a mom of six kids who loves saving money on her journey of motherhood. She owns a parenting website at where you can find parenting tips, frugal living ideas, fun crafts, mouth-watering recipes and inspiration for your journey!

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