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12 Affordable Stores to Beautifully Furnish Your Home

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May 27, 2016 · 2.6k Views

When it comes to redecorating your home, dollars can easily rack up and soon you'll be questioning your ability to function as a responsible adult. However, I've been able to redecorate my entire room - furniture and all - for under $300 because I took the time to shop with the might and patience of a bargain hunter.

I bought all my items from IKEA, Ross, and Marshall's, and although it might have taken more time, it was worth it. I found the exact items I had imagined for my rustic-themed room (if not better), and I was able to save a ton of money in doing so. There are a ton of great, affordable stores to shop for your home if you simply take the time to search, so I've listed a few of my favorites stores. Like they say, "All good things come to those who wait!"

1. Ross 

Ross is one of my favorite places to go for home goods. I find a ton of knick knacks for dirt cheap, and they're comparable - if not identical - to goods you'd find at more expensive places like Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters. You can also find chairs, tables, wall art, and bed linen. Their inventory is always changing, so if you don't find something on your first visit, go back in a week! Click here to find Ross coupons.

2. Marshall's/TJ Maxx 

I would consider Marshall's and TJ Maxx to be a little pricer than Ross, but they compensate with better quality items and a larger variety. Their home decor selection is fantastic, and I notice that they offer trendy items at a significantly more affordable price. Click here for Marshall's coupons and here for TJ Maxx coupons

3. Home Goods

Just like the store name suggests, this is a great place to find furnishings for your space. On their website, they have a cool section called Customer Finds where customers share what they've found at their local Home Goods. I think it's telling that their items are unique and the shopping experience is treated like a treasure hunt. Click here for Home Goods coupons.

4. Big Lots

In addition to being similar to Ross and Marshall's, this is an exceptionally great location for furniture and kitchen items. Although the prices are low and there is a fair selection of quality goods, Big Lots does not carry the more popular home goods brands such as KitchenAid or T-Fal. Click here for Big Lots coupons.


IKEA has its fair share of affordable and costly goods, but I think the affordable goods are easy to find, especially if you're on the hunt for quality basic pieces to which you will add accents. I think IKEA is the perfect spot to find basic pieces of furniture you want to use for any DIY home projects. Click here for IKEA coupons.

6. Target

Target is constantly offering sales and deals in every department - as a matter of fact, as I write this, shoppers can save 30% off bed and bath! I think the selection is even better online because you can find exclusive collaborations with top home decor designers and more. You can literally find everything you would want for your home at every price range. Click here for Target coupons.

7. Overstock.com 

One of the things I love about Overstock is that they offer designer-inspired goods for a fraction of the cost. You can find a variety of furnishings and accents for your home if you take the time to peruse their vast selection. They always have a ton of sales and clearance goods as well as daily and weekly flash deals. Click here for Overstock coupons.

8. Wayfair.com

Wayfair is great in that you can find everything from office desks to patio sets to cooking utensils - it's literally a one-stop shop for eclectic home furnishings. Prices are fair, and they even dedicate sections to the best products under a specific price point for an easy way to find affordable items. Click here for Wayfair coupons.

9. H&M

Although H&M doesn't offer home goods in store, shop online and you'll find a trendy collection of interior products that are as chic as they are affordable. If you love Anthropologie for their hip home goods, you'll love H&M because you can get it all without the hefty price tag. Catch them during their occasional sales and you're in decor heaven. Click here for H&M coupons.

10. Fish's Eddy

This quirky store is perfect when you're done with the big pieces and you're ready to add some personality to make your house a home. From mugs scribbled with sarcastic comments to funky prints that only certain people can appreciate, Fish's Eddy offers the perfect additions to any abode. 

11. Walmart

Aside from Walmart's every day low prices, there is an extensive list of shopping hacks to get the absolute rock bottom prices on your goods. With perks like hassle-free price matching, innumerable coupons, and more, Walmart is a no-brainer when it comes to affordable home shopping. Click here for Walmart coupons.

12. Sam's Club

Sam's Club offers exclusive member pricing and they'll even show you all the available savings at the product details so you know you're getting the best price they can offer. By shopping at Sam's Club, you have a large variety of everything from massive home appliances to storage bags. Click here for Sam's Club coupons.

If you're really patient...

I think it's worth a try to visit thrift stores. You're looking at an abyss of used goods that can easily be repurposed as something better, but finding that item will require quite a bit of commitment. Craigslist is a good place to find bigger pieces of furniture, while Goodwill and Savers are ideal for smaller knick knacks such as ring holders, decorative accents, and small storage ideas. Flea markets are filled with vintage goods, and they also provide an eclectic mix of larger pieces of furniture and small trinkets that a range of personalities will appreciate. 


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