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Alternative Theater Subscriptions to MoviePass

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July 25, 2018 · 2.6k Views

If you love watching movies, you've more than likely heard about MoviePass.

The subscription based theater service, which allows you to see one movie per day, made a big splash in August 2017 after it lowered its unlimited montly rate to just $9.95. Unfortunately, skeptics are unsure if the service is sustainable. Back in May, the company's owners reported over $26 million in net profit losses during the first quarter of 2018. Anaylists have even predicted that the company has a high chance of bankruptcy.

So, what can you do if MoviePass ever does come to an end?

Foruntately, there are some options! In this article, we'll examine and compare the top theater based subscriptions to help you find the best one for your needs.

AMC Stubs A-List

Launched in June of 2018, AMC Stubs A-List is the newest theater based subscription on the scene. Focused on only AMC theaters, users can see up to 3 movies per week in either 2D, Dolby Cinema, IMAX, or RealD 3D for only $19.95 per month.

Here is a quick overview of AMC Stubs A-List:

  • Pros:
    • See up to 3 movies per week
    • You can even see all 3 movies on the same day if you want
    • Watch the same movie more than once
    • See movies in 2D, Dolby Cinema, IMAX, and RealD 3D
    • Make reservations for movies (even for hot, new releases)
    • Get discounts on concessions, such as popcorn and soda
  • Cons:
    • Localized only to AMC theaters (600+ theaters available)
    • Cannot cancel subscription for the first 3 months of membership

Cinemark Movie Club

Cinemark's Movie Club launched during the end of 2017. With this service, users can see one movie per month at over 339 Cinemark theaters, plus get 20% off conessions, for only $8.99 per month. Users can also have the option of buying an additional ticket at checkout for only $8.99, which could make this a $17.98 monthly subscription for two people.

Here is a quick overview of Cinemark Movie Club:

  • Pros:
    • See one movie per month for less of the cost of a normal ticket (in most areas)
    • Your unused movie credits roll over and never expire
    • Get 20% off concessions, and share those discounts with a friend
    • Reserve seats online or in app
    • Earn Connections points to redeem for greater rewards
    • No contract, cancel anytime
  • Cons:
    • Only one movie per month included in the $8.99 plan (additional tickets cost extra)
    • Only watch movies in 2D format (upcharges apply to premium formats such as XD, 3D, and IMAX)
    • Localized to only 339 Cinemark locations


Perhaps the lesser known theater based subscription, Sinemia was founded back in 2014. This service offers four different plans based on your viewing needs. Users can see up to three movies per month in either 2D, 3D, 4D, or IMAX depending on which plan you choose. Recently, Sinemia lowered their prices, with the smallest plan going for only $3.99 per month.

Available Sinemia Plans and Prices:

  • For only $3.99 (reg. $4.99) per month you get 1 ticket per month for any movie
  • For only $6.99 (reg. $7.99) per month you get 2 tickets per month for any movie
  • For only $8.99 (reg. $9.99) per month you get 2 tickets per month to any movie including 3D, 4D, and IMAX formats
  • For only $13.99 (reg. $14.99) per month you get 3 tickets per month to any movie including 3D, 4D, and IMAX formats

*****Update: See a movie every day (30 tickets per month) for only $29.99 per month!

Here is a quick overview of Sinemia:

  • Pros:
    • See up to 3 movies per month in either 2D, 3D, 4D, or IMAX (depending on the plan you choose)
    • Available at over 4,000 theaters nationwide
    • Book your tickets up to 30 days in advance or on the spot
    • Get $5 for referring friends to Sinemia
    • Choose your seats online or through the app
  • Cons:
    • Though advertised as a monthly service, you must pay for an entire year upfront
    • No refunds for plan cancellation

"The Award for the Best Service Goes To..."

Like the Academy Awards, let's break this down by different categories: best for big premieres and larger format viewings, best for flexibility, and the best for casual moviegoers.

Best for Big Premieres and Larger Format Viewings:

AMC Stubs A-List

For only $19.95 per month, AMC Stubs A-List allows you to see up to three movies a month in either 2D, 3D, 4D, IMAX, or RealD 3D formats. While two of Sinema's plans also offer 3D, 4D, and IMAX viewings, you must opt for the more expensive plans to see these larger format movies. In comparison, both Cinemark Movie Club and MoviePass only offer 2D formats. Another big benefit to AMC Stubs A-List is the ability to lock in tickets to big permieres in advance. This is a great bonus feature when dealing with movies more likely to sell out on opening day. Best of all? There are no hidden fees to seeing these big premieres, unlike MoviePass which now charges a surge price for hot new releases.

Best for Flexibility:


The beauty of Sinemia is the flexibility you get with the four different plan options. More casual moviegoers will be satisfied with the base $3.99 per month plan that offers one ticket a month, while more hardcore movie buffs can take advantage of the $13.99 per month plan that offers up to three tickets a month in either 3D, 4D, or IMAX formats. Plus, with more than 4,000 particiating theaters, you're bound to find one close to you.

Best for Casual Moviegoers:

Cinemark Movie Club

While more hardcore movie fans should opt for AMC Stubs A-List or Sinemia, more casual moviegoers can take satisifcation in Cinemark's Movie Club. For only $8.99 per month (less the cost of a normal ticket in most areas), users get one movie ticket per month for any 2D format showing in a Cinemark theater. The beauty of this service is that if you don't use your movie credit for a particular month, that credit roles over and never expires. So, this plan is really designed for those people that see one movie (or less) per month. You can even take a friend or loved one along with you for an additional $8.99 per ticket (up to two additional tickets allowed).


Are you a member of any of these theater subscriptions? Do you prefer one over the other? Or, do you still think MoviePass is the best subscription? Leave a comment below.

WordNerdJul 29, 2018
Wasn't aware of these options, thanks! Wish the theater with the comfy chairs near my house was AMC, but for this price might be worth the little extra drive and ok seats ;)
DealsorNoDealsJul 31, 2018
No problem! :) depending on the location nearest you, AMC is definitely a great option!

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