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7 Amazing Note-Taking Apps to Help College Students Get Organized

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September 03, 2016 · 1.9k Views

As a student, you want the easiest and most efficient way to take notes during class. A pen and paper seem so outdated and time-consuming when an app can truly transform your note taking into so much more than the written word.

With the advances in phones, note taking apps are becoming a more and more popular way to collect information during research and writing notes. They offer options to add pictures, copy text and recognize handwriting, making note taking apps the ideal tool to use in class.

With so many apps to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? You’d hate to purchase one and find out later it doesn’t work for your needs. Here is a list of the best note-taking apps on the market. They each offer something different so you are bound to find a feature that will work for you.


1. Evernote


This is probably the most popular of note taking apps out there. It is a very robust app that has plenty of options and features to make note taking easy. It is available for both iOS and Android and has a free service that you can use before you purchase a subscription. Evernote allows you to manually type notes or dictate them into the app. You can add pictures and create to-do lists. It can read handwritten notes and clip web articles to read later as part of your research. It also has 3D touch capability, making it the Cadillac of note taking apps.

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2. Squid


Squid, formerly Papyrus, is great if you like to sketch your ideas out as you can use your finger or a stylus to jot notes and create drawings to save for later. You can do all sorts of functions like cut, copy and paste between pages of your notes in the app. You can easily scan your notes with the pan function and zoom in on hard to read copy for a clearer image. The app allows you to share your notes with others so it would be a good app to use if you are working on a team or have a group assignment. This app is compatible with iOS and Android phones.


3.  Microsoft OneNote


If you’ve ever used Microsoft’s OneNote program on your computer, you will be very familiar with its mobile version. The app syncs with the cloud to offer you access to your OneNote notes anywhere on any device. It allows you to easily categorize your notes into tabs and can record voice notes in the app. You can add pictures and make to-do lists. It also allows you to work offline. It is compatible with iOS and Android phones.


5. Simplenote


Just like the name suggests, Simplenote is simple to use. Available for iOS and Android, it is an easy to use app that doesn’t have a lot of the features that may get in the way with other note taking apps. Simplenote allows you to take notes and add bullet points. This is a good app if you are just interested in the basics of typing notes or lists. It is a no-fuss app that was designed to simply take notes, but it gets the job done.


6. Google Keep


Google Keep uses a platform that looks like sticky notes to collect your notes, checklists, and pictures. It is a full featured app as you would imagine from Google, offering a transcription feature that records your audio and types it into a note for later. It also integrates with Google Docs allowing you to convert a note into a document. This is ideal for when you are doing research for a paper and want to start the writing process. Google Keep is available for iOS and Android.


7. Quip


Quip is a great app if you are working on a team as it provides access to the documents to all parties in your team and allows you to chat with a member of your group. This would work great for a project that requires input from multiple parties to get the assignment completed. The app offers style sheets that you can begin your notes in, automatically formatting them as you go. You can publish notes to the web or save them as a pdf. It also has spreadsheets as one of its document options. You can get Quip with an iOS or Android phone.


8. MyScript


MyScript operates as if you are literally working in a notebook. It has different tabs for your note categories and allows you to doodle and sketch on the pages within the notebook. You can add photos and write notes on them as well. You can send your notes to email or your photo roll. It is designed to be easy to use and has a colorful interface that will make note taking enjoyable. MyScript is available for iOS.


With these note taking apps you are sure to move to the head of the class with your studies. Whether you are looking for a simple note taking app or something with more functionality, one of these apps is sure to fit the bill.


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