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Amazon Black Friday & Christmas Shopping Guide

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October 09, 2017 · 13.3k Views

amazon packages

Amazon offers the unique ability to find virtually anything you could be looking for this holiday season. From electronics to clothes to toys, it has it all. One of the best parts of shopping at Amazon during the holiday season is you get amazing deals without having to face the crowds. More often than not, Amazon has what you are looking for at the cheapest price around and with the opportunity to take advantage of free shipping in a lot of instances so you can really score.

With its Black Friday Deals Week starting at 12 AM PST on Friday, November 17th and lasting a whole week until 11:59 PST Black Friday, November 24th, you will have plenty of time to shop and save on all your favorites. Details for Amazon’s Black Friday ad should be unveiled by Wednesday, November 15th based on last year’s release date. With Lightning Deals and Deals of the Day featured all during this week, you’ll be able to get some extra sweet savings. Also, this is a good opportunity to sign up for Amazon Prime if you’ve been holding out. Not only will this give you quick free shipping, it will help you get in on some exclusive, time-sensitive offers before the general public. This is a good idea if you’re interested in those coveted items that go fast.

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The Black Friday Breakdown

Amazon’s week-long Black Friday event known as Black Friday Deals Week pushes them to another level of this shopping holiday’s madness. During these seven days, Amazon will release new deals throughout the day (as often as every five minutes), every day. These are flash deals, so they will only be available at the special pricing for a limited number of hours or until the product sells out. Once the sale is over, the product will go back to its original pricing. This is where being a Prime member is beneficial - members get access to these flash deals 30 minutes earlier than non-Prime members.

Moreover, each day is a new day for at least one Gold Box Deal of the Day, an offer that lasts 24 hours starting at midnight Pacific Time. There are various ways it can be presented - one product, a selection of products from one category or one brand, and multiple Gold Box Deals of the Day with some deals requiring a Prime membership.

If you have an Alexa-powered device, you should also stay on the lookout for savings to be made by purchasing via your Alexa device. In previous years, Amazon has offered $5 to $10 credit for Alexa shoppers and on Alexa-exclusive offers. Lastly, if you own an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature credit card, make sure you use it during Black Friday to get 5% back on all items sold by Amazon.

Knowing where to score those big savings will give you the advantage you are looking for on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season. Here are the best and biggest deals we expect to see for Black Friday and leading up to Christmas – giving you the ultimate shopping guide for the holidays.


amazon logo Black Friday & Christmas Shopping Guide


amazon electronics

This is always a big category for Black Friday as well as all the days leading up to Christmas for Amazon. You will find significant savings on the latest and greatest in electronics that everyone is asking for during the holidays. Watch for these items to be Lightning Deals in most instances that will go fast and be discounted heavily.

  • Amazon Devices
    If you’re looking for an Amazon Kindle. Alexa-powered device, an Amazon Echo, or anything like that, get ready to save big during Black Friday Deals Week. If you’re at al familiar with Amazon Prime Day, expect prices that are just as good, if not better on Black Friday. We’re looking at prices like $89.99 for the Amazon Echo, $34.99 for the Echo Dot, and $29.99 for the Fire 7 Tablet.

  • TVs
    You’ll see TV's as low as $100 and others that are as much as 45 percent off. This will include the whole range of Amazon Fire TV products and Roku TV models, giving you the ability to live stream a variety of channels this year. Moreover, stay on the lookout for deals on 4K HDTVs as they are popular models that many will be searching for. Find deals on brands such as Element, LG, Samsung, Vizio, and more for 32” TVs for as low as $89.99 and 55” and bigger Smart TVs starting at $388.

  • Laptops
    Laptops will be discounted as much as 40% off gaming laptops and up to 60% off HP and Dell laptops with the best deals starting around $200. You will see good prices on computers and monitors this time of the year, making it the perfect time to invest in a new system or upgrading your current setup.

    We recommend investing in a laptop with a 1080p resolution for best visual performance. Intel processors with i5 and i7 will be most high in demand, and you can also find good deals on hard drives and solid-state drives. Additionally, you should expect to see Apple computers discounted or offered as Lightning Deals. These sought-after computers are on everyone’s wish lists and Amazon will oblige by offering sales on select models.

  • iPhone & Android Smartphone Deals
    With the debut of the brand new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, you can definitely expect to see some great offers on a new unlocked smartphone from previous generations. If you want to save some serious dough, look for an iPhone 6 for as low as $249.99, but you can also find the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus for just $599.99. For non-iOS users, look for the Samsung Galaxy S8 or 8 Plus starting at $549.99 and Google Pixel starting at $649.99.

  • Tablets & iPads
    In addition to Amazon’s tablets and devices, you can expect to find great deals on iPads and other popular tablets as well. Look for iPads starting at $299.99, iPad Pros starting at $500, and Samsung Galaxy Tabs starting at $449.99.

  • Gaming Consoles & Video Games
    If you’re looking to save some cash on this year’s most popular gaming consoles, look no further than Amazon. Along with the Xbox One ($199.99+) and PlayStation 4 ($199.99+) will be the new Nintendo Switch ($299.99) and the Super NES Classic ($79.99). We’re anticipating bundle offers on these consoles, which typically includes a game and accessories.

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amazon fashion

Now is the time to add to your closet with the latest fashion finds of the season. Choose from name-brand options that are on trend and up-to-date as Amazon has a growing category of fashions available for men, women, and children that are sure to be just what you are looking for.

  • Clothes
    You’ll enjoy big savings on clothes from Amazon on Black Friday all the way through to Christmas. Expect to see as much as 70% off apparel in men’s, women’s, and children’s offerings. Look for sales on big brands that you don’t see very often as this is a good time to stock up for the season. Watch for desirable items like coats and jackets to be discounted as well as sweaters this time of the year.

  • Jewelry & Accessories
    Looking for diamonds this holiday season? Amazon has it and it will be on sale as much as 70% off. This is a great opportunity to get someone that special something as there will be all price ranges available in a series of styles and fits. You’ll certainly be able to find what you are looking for and save in the process. Look for jewelry items to appear in the Lighting Deals as these items make great gifts.

    Also, you’ll see discounts on watches of all varieties as well as shoes for everyone including fall and winter boots. There will be plenty of options to choose from at great savings that you just won’t be able to pass up.

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arrow TOYS

amazon toys

Each year, Amazon shares their list of the 100 hottest toys of the year. You can find all the name brands on sale from Disney and Fisher-Price to Legos, Barbie, and Star Wars. You will see as much as 50% off these items with popular toys like Frozen and Star Wars leading the bunch. Specifically, watch out for are up to 60% off Disney toys and 55% off Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Fisher-Price toys and sets. Your child will thank for your diligence in seeking out these must-have toys that will most definitely be offered at the lowest price of the year.

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amazon home

Whether you are shopping for someone else or for yourself, household items make great gifts and Amazon knows this as they are offering several items on sale this holiday. Stock up on those essentials you can’t live without as you won’t see these items any lower than they are now.

  • Kitchen Gadgets
    Holiday shopping just seems to be the time to purchase those kitchen gadgets and with good reason as you’ll see as much as 60% discount on brands such as Krups, Foodsaver, Oster, T-fal, and Wilton. Now is a good time to get a Krups coffeemaker or those T-fal pans you have been eyeing. These most certainly will be Deals of the Day or even Lightning Deals that you will have to get in on quick. These are significant savings on these kitchen products that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, if you add this with your free Prime shipping you will have quite an amazing deal to be proud of.

  • Vacuums
    If you are looking for an excuse to finally purchase a Dyson vacuum, now is the time. These vacuum models will be as much as $200 off, giving you a significant discount on their price. These high-ticket items will not become any cheaper than what you will see during Black Friday and the weeks leading up to Christmas so take advantage of this sale price.

  • Luggage
    Luggage is a great gift idea and will be offered with savings as much as 50% off.  You will able to get a set or a specific model all at deep discounts. Expect to see Samsonite, American Tourister, and Traveler’s Choice all offered with discounts. This is the perfect opportunity to get a set before your next trip or for the traveler in the family.


With so many chances to save big this Black Friday all the way to Christmas at Amazon, it will be a wonder if you do your shopping anywhere else. You’ll have the convenience of leaving the crowds behind added to the significant savings you’ll find online at Amazon, making it the perfect place to do your holiday shopping this year.

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