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Amazon is Asking You to Trust its New In-Home Delivery Service

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October 26, 2017 · 2.6k Views

Amazon Key

Source: Amazon

Amazon just introduced a new service called Amazon Key, and they claim it is a safe method for Prime members to allow delivery drivers inside their homes - even when they're not present. Launching November 8th, Amazon Key will be available only to Prime members. Included in the Amazon Key kit are an Amazon security camera, the Amazon Cloud Cam, and a compatible smart lock. When shoppers order something for delivery on Amazon.com, they can choose the "FREE in-home delivery" shipping option to activate the service. When the delivery driver arrives at the home, customers can watch the entire delivery from their phone via the Amazon Key App after Amazon has verified the address and delivery time and allows the driver into the home. The camera will also record the whole process. 

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In addition to allowing delivery drivers into your home, Amazon Key is advertised to "grant access to the people you trust." They mention the ability to schedule permanent access to loved ones or temporary access to dog walkers, house cleaners, and the like. Homeowners will get a notification each time the door gets locked and unlocked and delivery drivers will not be given an access code or key, so there is that for comfort. Amazon is also planning to couple Amazon Key with its services from Amazon Home Services to provide home access to professional service providers. Now just how much will Amazon Key run you? Well, it starts at $249.99

Although Amazon isn't the first retailer to introduce this service - Walmart was the first to give delivery drivers access to your home and even refrigerator - it's still a novel concept that takes some time to digest. We're still unsure if this is more creepy than it is convenient, but we'll be waiting to read reviews of Amazon Key before we make the jump ourselves. What do you think?

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