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Amazon Launches "Primo" Day Deals On

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July 12, 2016 · 2.4k Views

Source: Okstorms

We just got ahold of this exclusive news from Woot! is an Amazon owned company and instead of their typical Woot Off this month, they're be offering, for the first time ever, a Woot Primo Day. Sounds mighty familiar no? Primo, Primo, Primo, Prime. The changes that have been revealed for this first time ever Primo Day is that rather than a Woot Off for every category, Woot will only host a Main Woot. Which means that Primo Day Woot deals will only be hosted on the main or homepage on Woot. 

Primo Day will happen on July 12 (another Prime Day coincidence...?) throwing them in the mix with Amazon Prime Day sales so lucky for us, we'll have plenty of deals to look forward to all day. The downside (at least for most of us) is that... Prime and Primo day falls on a Tuesday so you'll have to attempt accessing hourly deals on the down low at work or school. 

Learn more about Amazon Prime Day and Woot Primo Day now!

What are some specific deals you're looking for this year?

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