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Amazon to Create 5,000 New, Part-Time Remote Jobs

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April 06, 2017 · 8.8k Views

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Source: The Bandwith Blog

Amazon’s Virtual Customer Service program offers employees the flexibility to work for their customer service team from the comfort of home. The program is in its 5th year and still steadily rising as Amazon plans to add thousands of new virtual position over the next year. The Virtual Customer Service jobs are a part of Amazon’s plan to hire over 30,000 part-time roles in the next year. This is also an addition to Amazon’s ongoing plan to create over 100,000 full-time jobs in the U.S.

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Those in the program will have the opportunity for competitive wages and remote workers who work 20+ hours per week will be eligible for benefits including Amazon’s Career Choice program. Those who qualify for Amazon’s Career Choice program will be eligible to have 95% of their tuition covered by the company for courses “related to in-demand fields, regardless of whether those skills are relevant to jobs at Amazon”.

The hiring doesn’t stop there. In addition to the new Virtual Customer Service roles, Amazon will also add more than 25,000 part-time roles over the next year to its fulfillment centers where workers will be responsible for sorting and consolidating orders.

Interested? Learn more about open roles at Amazon and see all open virtual positions now!

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