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Amazon Launches a New Feature We've All Been Waiting For

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August 30, 2016 · 8.8k Views

Okay so maybe we haven’t really been waiting for this but given Amazon’s resources and how easy it is to navigate the pages, you have to admit, being able to run a full-scale car research on Amazon is pretty neat.

Though they’re still not quite at the point where you can order cars and get free 2-day shipping on your new ride, they did recently launch an on-demand car testing service with Hyundai. This is a pilot program they’re testing in the Southern California area and this weekend is the last to try this offer.

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Introducing Amazon Vehicles

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Easily browse and narrow down search on the best car for you

Amazon recently introduced Amazon Vehicles, a page where you can perform research across various vehicle models and read Amazon customer reviews. At first glance, the page is very simple and clean and it wasn’t hard for me to filter, search and find what I was looking for. The filtering option is what won me over in particular because you can select from top features and functions that most car buyers prioritize when selecting a car and with that, you can easily narrow down your search. Some key filtering options: combined MPG, transmission type, overall crash rating and etc. But here comes another cool feature.


Add it to your “Amazon Garage”

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Once you have located the make and model of the car you’re interested in, on the vehicle page, you can also adjust the trim, style and color of the car to see what looks best. You may not be able to look at the car immediately but Amazon provides an extensive gallery for every car so you’ll be able to glance at every nook and cranny of your dream ride.  

You’ll also have the neat option to “Add To Your Garage” and with that done, you can easily shop parts, accessories and connect with other similar car owners. (You can add multiple family vehicles in your Amazon Garage). It’s like… a car forum.


screenshot-www.amazon.com 2016-08-25 11-23-37.png


Once added, you can scroll down to find parts and accessories that are recommended for the make and model of your car. This is an especially helpful function if you’re like me and don’t speak car fluently.

Although this is just the beginning of Amazon Vehicles, we can see the potential for Amazon to work with leading automakers and actually sell cars down the road. Maybe they’ll even expand their on-demand car test drive program to make car shopping way, WAY more convenient for everyone.

Will you use Amazon Vehicle?


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