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AMC Offers Free Snack Upgrades, Refills and Waived Fees

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July 13, 2016 · 4.2k Views


Source: AMC

So this is old news right? If you are an AMC Stubs Insider (also known as Stubs Access) member (which is free to join wink wink), you’ll get free refills every time, not to mention up to $2 off your movie ticket every Tuesday amongst other benefits.

Well guess what? AMC is about to give you an upgrade. Going live today, AMC launches AMC Stubs Premier which is the next level for Stubs reward members. For those who are already an AMC Stubs Access member (prior to July 13, 2016), AMC will automatically enroll you into the new AMC Stubs Premier program--free of charge!

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However, if you’re not already a Stubs member, the Access level is free for all while Premiere will be offered at $15 per year.

“What is different about the new AMC Stubs® Program?

  • The biggest difference is that we’ve added AMC Stubs AccessTM, which is completely free to join. Everyone can be spoiled with the new AMC Stubs program!

  • Current paying members of AMC Stubs are now rolled into the new AMC Stubs Premiere™ level, with more rewards than before!”


Check out the side by side benefits difference for both tiers below:

amc stubs

Source: AMC 

What do you think? Will Stubs Premiere benefits entice you enough to cough up $15 per year? 

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