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15 Anthropologie-Inspired Home Decor DIYs

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April 08, 2016 · 2.5k Views

I love Anthropologie. It's totally my style in every way, and their home section gets me every. time. I gawk at literally everything they have, but then I ugly cry when I see their price tags. Why are those curtains $700? Why is that paper chandelier $2,000? Why why why why?

What's even more maddening is that these are not complicated home goods, as in I can make them myself. And although I haven't personally done that, many people have. They're giving Anthropologie a run for their money, and I'm lovin' it. Check out these DIY projects for the Anthro-lovers on a budget!


1. The Rhododendron Chandelier at Anthropologie will run you $1,298. If you order it online, "'ll enjoy a $149 flat-rate fee for furniture and select non-furniture delivery." Anthropologie said that - not me. I would not enjoy that delivery fee at all.

Design Sponge made an awesome dupe out of cupcake liners for a huge fraction of the price. Winning!

2. Pillows are a great accent in any home, but when a Woolen Pom Pillow runs for $58, they don't sound so great anymore.

A Beautiful Mess made some identical pompom pillows and provided this easy tutorial. Even better, you get to choose the colors!

3. Have a multi-purpose welcome mat is a fun idea... when it doesn't cost $38 like Anthropologie's Stenciled Coir Doormat. Customize your own mat for less than $7.

Find this easy, customizable DIY Dual Greeting Welcome Mat at Bumlebree Blog.

4. A sleek serving set is one of those things you need to have if you host a lot of dinners. Anthropologie used to offer a beautiful Brass-Tipped Serving Set (as in two, measley utensils) for $38.

I recommend using a set of darker serving utensils to provide a better contrast. Find this Gold-Dipped Bamboo Serving Set at Mom It Forward. 

5. Originally, this Cadiz Mug retailed for $10, and eventually dropped to just $1.95. However, it has since sold out, but you can still design your own mug with just a Sharpie!

You can find the tutorial for these beautiful mugs at Home Heart Craft.

6. Can we just take a second to process the fact that this wall art, Lost Arcadia by Molly Hatch, is selling for $7,500 on Anthropologie?? You can make it for $7,450 less.

Of course, you can paint the plates however you'd like. Find this knockoff at While They Snooze.

7. A pretty vase can add color to any room, but $18 for the Pretty Pansy Vase might be a bit much. 

Find the tutorial at Made By Girl.

8. Metal is one of the most chic elements to add to your home, but this $48 Codify Pencil Holder will have you considering something cheaper. However, you can customize your own with a trip to Michaels.

Find this simple tutorial at Freut Cake.

9. The fact that this Lacquered Mirror can cost me $998 terrifies me.

Find this simple mirror tutorial at Design Evolving.

10. At $10 - $12 a jar, these Chalkboard Spice Jars are cute, but the bill can easily rack up.

Find this super simple spice jars tutorial at At The Picket Fence.

11. Cuddling up with a cute quilt is always satisfying, but how satisfied would you be if you paid $245 - $288 for the Rosette Quilt?

Find this quilt tutorial at Kojo Designs.

12. It's a party in your cups, but a Settled Confetti Glass goes for $10 a piece. I'll make my own, thank you very much.

Go crazy dotting away with this tutorial from P.S. Heart.

13. It's becoming the latest fad to use block letters as decor. You can get one paper-sized Zinc Letter for $18, or you can make your own.

You can even turn these letters into magnets! Find the tutorial at Heart Love Always.

14. Tassels for days with the Firenze Velvet Tassel Pillow, but for $58 - $78? We can do better.

They decided to make it more colorful, but you can easily find gold embroidery thread or yarn! Find the tutorial at Sewing In Noman's Land.

15. Pretty bowls are a must have in any kitchen, but with the Atom Art Bowls at $8 a pop, it's going to cost quite a bit to host a dinner party.

All you need is enamel paint and some bowls! Find the tutorial at Lolly Jane.

To find all your crafting needs at a deal hunter's price, visit DealsPlus!


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