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Apple Debuts New iPhone SE and Smaller iPad Pro

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March 21, 2016 · 2.3k Views

For those who did not know, the first Apple Event of 2016 live streaming took place today where Apple presented two new additions to their line of products. For those that love Apple products for their slim features and beautiful design but prefer an actual pocket sized item. Great news! Apple took all of the rewarding features from their latest supersized iPhone and iPad and shrank it back down to normal size. 

Best of all, these two highly anticipated product will also see a low price tag.

Here's our breakdown on all of the important updates you need to know from today's Apple Event:


Apple iPhone SE

Source: Business Insider

First up, Apple iPhone SE will have all of the top specs in a smaller body. The new iPhone SE will be 4-inch and the starting price (with no contract) for this phone will be $399 for the 16GB model. So if you have an older iPhone like the iPhone 5 and 5s, you'll finally be able to upgrade your phone without grabbing the larger device. 

Better Performance, Better Graphics and Better Battery Life

The new iPhone comes with the same processor chip from Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus so your new small gadget will run at optimal speed. As a matter of fact, it'll run 2x faster than the iPhone 5s with 3x better graphics performance! Another bonus, the new phone will also have a better battery life (always a great sign for Apple fans).


New Apple iPad Pro

apple ipad pro

Source: Business Insider

Compared to the iPad Pro at 12.9 inch, the new Apple iPad Pro will be 9.7 inch (same size as their first iPad) for those that prefers not to tote a laptop size tablet around. The new model starting price is $599 for the 32GB version. What's so special about the new iPad? Like the iPhone SE, Apple included all the powerhouse features of the latest iPad into this smaller body. 

More for Your Money

The 9.7 inch iPad aims to increase productivity for customers which also includes high-end graphics and audio. The new model will come with 12 megapixel camera that lets you take 4K high-resolution videos (much better than the original iPad Pro).

The new model also includes the company's fastest processor with graphics that are gamer worthy. 


When can I order the new iPhone and iPad?

The newest additions will be up for preorder beginning this Thursday on March 24, 2016 with both products up for sale in-stores starting March 31, 2016. 


Apple Watch

Source: BGR

The Apple Watch did not get a massive update as some may have suspected but Apple did unveil new nylon bands! They also dropped the starting price for the Apple Watch from $350 to $299.


Apple TV: Free tvOS Upgrade

Source: Apple

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, announced that there are over 5,000 apps for the new 4th generation Apple TV plus he talked about a few new features available with the free tvOS upgrade. The newests update will include folder support and support for dictation (you can now perform searches and enter usernames and password using Siri).

With the new low prices, will you be picking up the new models this year?

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