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Apple's New MacBook Pro Sneak Peek

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October 26, 2016 · 3.2k Views

The beloved Apple MacBook Pro has not seen much of a major update design-wise in quite some time so we’re really excited about this one here! Apple will be hosting a MacBook Pro event tomorrow October 27, 2016, and you can stream the event live here starting 10a.m. PDT.

The Apple MacBook Pro has released 10 years ago in 2006 with small updates happening 2-3 years apart. Their current model host the Intel Core i5 or Core i7 available with a retina display 13.3” or 15.4”.

Well, we’re about to see a new update to the MacBook Pro which will include Touch ID panel above the keyboard and a fingerprint reader. MacRumors happen to leak some hidden images from Apple’s macOS Sierra update which, as you can see, the major change is the touch panel above the MacBook keyboard.

macbook pro

The touch panel remains black for the most part but lights up when the user is prompted to enter Touch ID or whatever commands/features pop up on the screen. Other than the addition of the panel, it looks like the new MacBook will have an overall slimmer design with smaller bezels on the keyboard and screen.

9to5Mac was able to uncover the icons from macOS that indicate the ability to unlock or verify something from the new MacBook with the help of the new Touch ID panel.



For further details and information, we recommend checking back tomorrow for an updated post or watch the live Apple event yourself at 10a.m. PDT.

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