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6 Apps You Should Download Before You Travel Anywhere

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Stephanie MialkiGuest Blogger
June 08, 2017 · 1.3k Views

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Alright guys, it’s time to let technology take the lead! From telling you where to shop, to letting you know what restaurants to avoid, apps are becoming more helpful than ever - especially when traveling to somewhere new! Because there are SO many apps to choose from and it may seem a bit overwhelming when it comes to downloading the right ones, we have listed out some of the most popular, most helpful apps to download before you travel anywhere. Take a look!

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6 Apps You Should Download Before You Travel Anywhere paper plane icon

foursquare city guide

With Foursquare, you will be able to get all sorts of feedback and information from the locals. When you are aren’t sure where to go for a budget friendly meal, or when you can’t seem to find a low-key local pub, log onto this free app and let the people who live there give you the do’s and dont’s of the town!



Using your current location, Trip.com tells you where to stay, where to eat, and where to play! While using this app, you will be able to see what everyone else in the area is doing and what places are trending. Once you use this app a couple of times, it will start recognizing your patterns and it will base future recommendations off of what you seem to love -- how convenient!



When traveling abroad to a new country for the first time or even for the third time, you probably aren't familiar with that city's public transportation. Here's where Rome2Rio comes in. Figuring out how to get from one location to the next can be difficult when you are limited with your languages and can't read the strange text. Rome2Rio stores information from over 4,800 transport operators in more than 158 countries around the world, so the app will show flight, train, bus, ferry, and driving options and the estimated travel times and costs instantly.


circa app

Taking on the world and not sure what time it is anymore? Circa is here to help. With this app, you can keep track of the time zones in multiple locations, so you always know what time it is at home, in your current location, and at your next destination. You'll be able to see the actual time of each city (and you can even add working hours and create meeting invitations) as well as on an analog clock with all the cities on display.



Don’t want to wait in line for that busy attraction that everybody goes crazy about? Viator gives you the option to “skip the line” by letting you buy tickets ahead of time, right from your iPhone!  This app allows you to look for the best deals and rates in town, and even recommends pre-planned itineraries and certain places for you to check out during your travels!


field trip app

While walking around a new town, create a self-guided tour with a little help from the Field Trip app! Field Trip can describe the history and any interesting facts about your current location, while speaking to you as if you are taking an actual tour! This app also give you pop-up notifications, sometimes even letting you know about the hidden-locations most people walk right by! As you walk past new restaurants and stores, Field Trip will give you coupons and reviews from others who have stopped there in the past-- pretty amazing if you ask me!


With the world of technology growing exponentially, we might as well let it help us out when we travel, right? Each one of these apps will make it easier, more interesting, and more fun when you are adventuring in a new area! Whether you’re going 20 minutes away from your home, or half-way across the globe… let these apps be your guide!

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