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10 ASOS Shopping Hacks That Your Wallet Will Thank You For

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September 12, 2016 · 3.6k Views

If you are looking for the latest in fashion trends from boutiques throughout the world, look no further than ASOS. It is a U.K. fashion house that offers its own line of clothing plus access to global retailers through its marketplace. You are sure to garner some fashions that no one will have at these hard to find boutiques that will have all your friends jealous. These completely original fashions are for both men and women on the ASOS site and come with some really insightful descriptions of the clothes so you are sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for.

From dresses to jeans and jewelry and shoes, you will be able to find a plethora of the latest in fashion finds from ASOS. As an online site, it has its insider tricks and secrets that you need to maximize to get the most out of your shopping experience. Here are some hacks for shopping on the ASOS site and with its marketplace retailers.

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*All images taken from ASOS.com


How to Get ASOS Coupons and Snag the Best ASOS Sales

1. Select Your Currency

While ASOS charges you in British pounds, it’s good to know what you are spending so set the site to your country’s currency. This way you will know exactly what you are racking up during your shopping experience. ASOS automatically converts it to your currency but it is an estimate based on the exchange rate at the time. When you are charged it may be a little different if the currency rate has altered in any way. Keep it on your country’s currency for the most accurate pricing information.


2. Check The Site Frequently

ASOS updates its stock very frequently as much as twice a day so if you don’t see something you like in the morning, check again at night. The site adds new items all the time so you’ll want to get in on these deals as soon as they are offered. Check the site often for the latest in deals and steals.

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3. Read The Description

ASOS does an amazing job of describing its clothes offering. It even provides the measurements of the models wearing the clothes so you can see how the item would fit you in relation to the size of the model. It provides sizes in U.K., U.S., and EU. It also tells you how to take care of the garment so you will know if it is something that requires special care. There is a size guide with measurements in inches and centimeters and below it lists more options that you might like based on this selection. This is a great way to get a collection of clothes in a particular style that you are looking to accomplish.


4. Watch The Catwalk

As an added bonus, you can see how the clothes move with real people modeling the items in the Catwalk feature of the item you have selected. Simply click on the Catwalk link for your own private show. This will give you a good indication of how the piece flows or clings and you’ll get to see how it was styled, giving you some ideas for your own wardrobe.


5. Get A Discount with ASOS Coupons

Sign up for ASOS’s email list and you will be sure to get exclusive discounts on its clothes. Try the discounts on brand name fashions as they tend to work there. It also promises a special treat on your birthday for signing up. Also, if you are a student, you will get a 10% off discount off all full price merchandise all the time.

If you're a student you can also get an extra 10-25% off at ASOS via UNiDAYS


6. Download The App

The best way to stay connected with ASOS is through its app. You can order online right from the app, which will work well if you check the site often for updates. The app also keeps your saved items so you can always check on their prices if you are waiting to make a decision to buy. Just like the online site, the app recommends other fashions that you might like and it gives you alerts on sales so you can also get in on a good deal.


7. Follow A Fashionista

If you are looking for a style icon, the ASOS Insiders provide you with fashion tips and trends. Find an Insider, whose look you love and follow them on Instagram so see what they wear and how they wear it. You can shop their looks and style it just like they do. This is a great way to get a full look whether your style is sophisticated or casual.

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8. Use PayPal

Because ASOS is an international site, your credit card will hit you with those foreign currency fees. You can eliminate these fees by shopping on the site with PayPal. This is offered as a payment option upon check out and should be taken advantage of for the best prices on the sites. Also, keep in mind that shipping is free when you spend $40 in the U.S.


9. Check Again For Your Size

Don’t get disappointed if you can’t find your size in one of the items on ASOS’ site. Just check back later and it may have it. Some items get saved by users and later become free after the allotted holding period. Just keep checking the site for what you want.


10. Get ASOS Premier

If you order frequently from ASOS, you may want to take advantage of its Premier Program. This offers free next day shipping on all your orders, regardless of size. The cost of the program is £9.99 for a year and will be well worth it to get everything you order the next day.

With these hacks, you will be able to score some real deals and fashion tips for shopping at ASOS. It’s a great international site that offers something for everyone. Head to the site now to start you one-of-a-kind shopping experience.


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Dawn is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer that is a self-confessed shopaholic - always on the lookout for a great deal. She loves food, travel and binging on Netflix. She has a background in marketing and worked as editor-in-chief of a monthly magazine. Currently, she focuses her time on crafting copy that her followers love to read.

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