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Berry Almond Salad with Creamy Berry Dressing

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March 09, 2016 · 12.7k Views

(Jamie is a guest blogger from Jamie Cooks It Up!.)

Boy, do I have one tasty salad recipe for you all today. I have to admit to making it three times last week. Seriously. I look a big bowl of it to a family party and then we ate it as a side dish for dinner a couple of times as well. I can't get enough of the beautiful fresh berries that are popping up at the grocery store and this salad is a wonderful way to use them up! This is what you need to know about it...

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Juicy fresh strawberries and blueberries are tossed with beautiful dark leafy greens, feta cheese, red onion and sugared almonds. The creamy dressing is made with dark blueberry jam, Dijon mustard and mayonnaise (and a few other tasty ingredients). I even opted to use Best Foods Light and it came out fantastically well. So, going light is definitely an option here.

I hope some of you get a chance to try it! It has SPRING written all over it. :) 

Time: 15 minutes prep
Yield: 6 servings


1 C sliced almonds
2 Tb sugar
dash salt 

6 Tb blueberry jam
1/2 C mayonnaise (I used Best Food Light)
1 Tb Dijon mustard
6 Tb red wine vinegar
1/2 C +2 Tb sugar
3 Tb red onion, chopped
1/4 tsp salt

12-15 cups Spring Mix Lettuce
3 C strawberries, sliced
2 C fresh blueberries
1/2 red onion, sliced
1/2 C feta cheese


To make the sugared almonds:

  1. Place the almonds, sugar and salt in a skillet.
  2. Turn the heat to medium high and allow the sugar to melt just a bit. (Keep an eye on it, you don't want it to burn).
  3. Stir the mixture continually while the sugar and almonds both darken. When they are a nice golden brown, remove from the heat and place on a plate to cool. 

To make the dressing: 

  1. Simply combine all ingredients in a blender and mix together well. 

When you are ready to serve toss all ingredients together and enjoy! However, be advised that is tastes best served just after it is mixed. It you are taking it along to a party or gathering it's best to add the nuts and dressing just before you serve it. 


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jamiecooksitup profile picture
Jamie Eskelson is a 41 year old wife and mother of 5, living in Herriman, Utah. She graduated from The University of Utah with a degree in Choral Music Education. Though music was her passion early on, once she settled down to raise a family she realized how much she loved cooking and baking. She spent countless hours developing her culinary skills. For the past 6 years she has shared wonderful recipes, complete with photos and step by step instructions on the blog Jamie Cooks It Up! Readers across the globe stop by her site to read and use the over 1000 family friendly recipes that are stored there. She loves food blogging and is grateful to have such an amazing job she can do from home while she bakes cookies in her pajamas.

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