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10 Best and Worst Deals at Best Buy

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Kristina ByasGuest Blogger
June 16, 2016 · 4.1k Views

When it comes to figuring out where to purchase electronics, Best Buy is a favorite for many. There are thousands of convenient locations, people are able to shop online and you can even find the things you want for an affordable price thanks to the many deals and sales going on throughout the year. Although people can find great deals and save significantly on almost any item they, there are some deals at Best Buy that people should avoid.

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1. Appliances


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Best Buy is known for having great electronics, but this store also has some very alluring specials and sales for appliances. For quite some time, they have been offering 18-month no interest financing on appliance purchases of $599 or more. The only way to get access to this deal is to open a My Best Buy credit card. People may not be too excited about having to open a credit card, but if you pay the bill off in time, there will be no interest tacked on to the total cost of your appliance.

2. Gamers Club

People go to Best Buy to purchase phones, electronics and even games. For those who are into gaming and looking to save on their purchases, you can join the Gamers Club and get perks that no one else has access to. It costs $30 for a 2-year membership that includes an unlocked card that can be used to get 10% off pre-owned games and several other discounts.

3. Television

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Since Best Buy is an electronics retailer, electronics are always on sale. Whether you are there for Black Friday, after Christmas, or just shopping on a regular day, chances are you will be able to find a deal on a television. If you happen to be in the market for a new TV, check out the sales paper and other online ads to see if the one you want is available for a reasonable price. You should be able to find something and get free shipping, too.

4. Flash Sale

Best Buy has something on sale almost every day of the year, but once a month it has its Flash Sale. During this sale, people can purchase select items for about 70 percent off their retail price. The catch is you have to shop online during certain times and it only lasts four hours. Depending on whether or not the sale is announced, which it rarely is, what is on sale, and how interested people are, supplies may not last song. 

5. Price matching

Source: CGH Writer

More recently a lot of retailers have been offering price matching, and Best Buy is one of them. Basically, price matching means that if you find a product that you want at the store, but know it is available for a cheaper price at a different retailer, they will let you purchase the product for the cheaper price. Best Buy only allows this for select retailers, including Amazon, Dell, HP and Newegg.


1. Accessories

Source: High Heels and Mommy Ordeals

Phone chargers, phone cases, cords, and cables and the list goes on and on. You will definitely be able to find these items at Best Buy, but you won't really be able to save much if you purchase these items from there. With so many other online retailers offering the exact same products for a lower price, it is best to shop around and compare before committing to buying your electronic accessories here.

2. Extended warranties

If your computer breaks or your software doesn't seem to be working, it is always nice to have a warranty. You'll be able to get your item fixed or replaced for free or a small price, and you won't have to worry about buying a completely new item. Many manufacturers offer warranties that are good for at least a year. These warranties will keep your purchase pretty well protected, but if you still feel as though a little extra cushion is needed, it would best to go to a third-party company instead of paying Best Buy's expensive extended warranty fee.

3. Digital picture frames

Source: Sony Insider

Digital picture frames are another item that people can usually find on sale. They're the perfect gift for someone who takes a lot of pictures, or even something you can give to a relative as a birthday or Christmas gift. Along with being a great gift, they are affordable, but that is only if you purchase them at another retailer or somewhere online. The frames vary in price, but online, the selection is wider and you can actually save more.

4. Refurbished Apple products

Refurbished products are a great buy if they work. When purchasing Apple products from Best Buy, you often have the option to buy it new or refurbished. Refurbished is always nice because these items are slightly used, in decent condition, and cheaper. However, it is best to purchase refurbished Apple products directly from Apple because they are better about getting it ready for resale and still offer a warranty.

5. Food

Source: Gigabiting

As you're standing in line, preparing to check out, a bag of chips or a candy bar may catch your eye. If you're hungry, you may be tempted to pick up one or two things that will tide you over until your next meal. This wouldn't be the best decision because you will be paying way too much for whatever you buy. If possible, hold out until you can stop at a grocery store or gas station where the price for snacks may be a bit more reasonable.


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Kristina Byas is a Milwaukee native who has written for Female Intel, Shepherd Express, Scandalous Women and more. She suffers from a severe case of wanderlust and has difficulty purchasing items at full price. You can learn more about her by following her on Twitter: @KristinaByas

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