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Best and Worst Things to Buy in February

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February 01, 2017 · 4.4k Views

When we think of February, we think of 1. Valentine's Day and 2. Winter (or the end of this season). There's also President's Day. These three mean a combination of things, but most importantly in our case, it means sales with steep discounts. You'll find great deals on Valentine's Day gifts both before and after the holiday, winter clearance sales to make way for spring trends, and President's Day weekend means discounts on home goods. However, there are items you should avoid buying in February, but we've made sure to add those to the list as well.


best things to buy in february

beanie icon Winter Apparel and Gear

As retailers start making space for spring fashion, winter clothing, accessories, and more will experience some major discounts. You can find items like coats, scarves, and sweaters that can easily be worn in the last few weeks of winter as well as saved until the end of the year since trends won't alter that drastically. Be on the lookout for winter sports goods as well, such as skis and snowboards!


tv icon Televisions

If you're looking for the big-screen, high definition televisions, buy one in early February. With the Super Bowl, retailers are offering some great deals for those looking to upgrade their televisions for the big game. You might even score a deal that's better than what you can find during Black Friday.


plane icon  Travel

Demand for travel has decreased due to the colder weather. What this means for people who want low-budget travel is great deals on flights, cruises, hotel stays, and tourist attractions. You can also prep for travel by checking out luggage that will be on sale.


chair icon Home Goods (Bedding, Mattresses, etc.)

President's Day is in February, so we're anticipating sales on sales. Like apparel, home goods that were designed for winter are getting the boot to make way for spring arrivals. You can try to find items that will work year-round, but if you're looking to upgrade furniture, bedding, and mattresses (which thankfully are season-neutral), President's Day weekend is a great time to shop around for prices that are 50% to 60% off.


tax icon Tax Software

Tax season starts late January, so naturally sales for tax software follow closely behind. Although deals will be offered until the end of tax season in mid-April, you'll find the best deals in February and March. For example, currently TurboTax up to 30% off tax software, and with our exclusive DealsPlus offer, you can save up to 40%.


valentine's day icon Valentine's Day Goods

This is valid only after Valentine's Day! Expect massive sales - like up to 90% off - on chocolate, candy, jewelry, and everything Valentine's Day-related. Hey, you can never be too prepared for next year!


Worst Things to Buy in February

Be patient if you're looking to buy the following items. February is not the best month to purchase them!

headphones icon Tech Goods: Popular tech goods are generally released in the spring after Valentine's Day and President's Day, so hold off if you can. 

valentine's day icon Valentine's Day Gifts: The other side of shopping for Valentine's Day things in February. Unless you're buying everything after the holiday, refrain from buying any gifts immediately before the 14th. You'll likely be paying full price at that time, but if you buy early enough in mid-January, you'll find retailers giving generous discounts. 

microwave icon Major Home Appliances: According to Consumer Reports, the best time to buy major home appliances is in December, which means the deals are pretty much nonexistent when February rolls around. 


There you have it. Make sure you're a savvy shopper this month, so gravitate towards the good deals and steer clear of the bad (obviously). Happy shopping!

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