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Best and Worst Things to Buy in July

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July 01, 2017 · 7.9k Views

best and worst things to buy in july

July is a great month to shop sales in a variety of categories, such as home, apparel, and even electronics. 4th of July sales will be a big reason why these products will be offered at rock-bottom prices, so keep on the lookout for great deals at the beginning of the month. Of course, there are also purchases that should be postponed until later in the year, and we will keep you informed of those as well. Happy shopping!

Check out our 4th of July Sales Roundup for all the best sales and deals this holiday!

amazon icon  Amazon Prime Day 2017: Prime Day is a major shopping holiday for Amazon Prime members, and it has been announced that Prime Day will take place on Tuesday, June 11th this year. Save big on electronics, clothing, and even the most notable Amazon devices such as the Echo, Fire Stick, Fire Tablet, and more. Plenty of retailers have also hopped onto the Prime Day bandwagon by offering their own versions of discounted goods on or around Prime Day. To learn more about Amazon Prime Day 2017, click here.

apparel icon Apparel: There will be no shortage of great deals on clothing this July because of all the 4th of July sales. July is a good mid-way point where retailers will start discounting the racks to make way for fall clothing, so expect low prices on summer clothing.

toaster icon Home Goods: In the midst of wedding season, plenty of home goods that work well as wedding gifts will be on sale in July. Everything from kitchen appliances to home decor to bathroom towels will see a drop in price, and it's also a good time to invest in home goods for your college-bound student.

pc and video games icon PC and Video Games: July is one of the best months to buy video and PC games. Look both online and in-store for the best deals, especially when you can't find your game online. 

train icon Kids' Toys: It's Christmas in July again, and that means in addition to plenty of other goods, retailers will be offering rock-bottom prices on toys for kids. Retailers like Toys R Us have even promoted sales like a "Save Like It's Black Friday" sale.

furniture icon Furniture: In addition to smaller home goods, furniture will also be a great purchase in July. New furniture arrives at showrooms a few times during the year, and one of those times is August. That means warehouses will be holding sales for furniture in July to make room for the incoming inventory.


What Not to Buy

This month, avoid making costly purchases on the following items. It's best to wait until later this year to buy them!

x icon School Supplies: Back-to-school and office supplies are very slowly making their way to the sale shelves and discounted tags, but it is best to hold off just a bit longer. The best time to go back-to-school shopping is late August and early September, so check back on DealsPlus to see our roundup of the best Back to School Sales in 2017!

x icon TVs and Laptops: We're just a few months away from Black Friday, so although it is tempting to purchase a new television to watch your favorite movies on all the days it is too hot to go outside, it's best to wait. Your patience will pay off in the end when you're able to get a brand new TV for a fraction of the cost.

x icon Bedding: Labor Day sales are the occasions to pick up new bedding for your home. Unfortunately, 4th of July sales are not popular for this type of home good and waiting until September will be the best time to revamp your bedroom style.

x icon Grills: We know July is a perfect month to whip out the grill for all your summer barbecues, but that's what everyone else is also thinking so retailers will only offer minor discounts on grills. Wait about another month to see the best prices for all your grilling needs, and the weather should still be warm enough for a nice backyard dinner!

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