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Best and Worst Things to Buy in March

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March 01, 2017 · 693 Views

With spring arriving in March, we can expect to see sales on the last of all things associated with winter. You can expect to save on snow apparel and gear, Valentine's Day chocolates, and more. However, as with all things in life, there is the good and the bad. There are also products that you should hold off on purchasing until later months, but don't worry, we'll share them all with you here. Check it out!

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best things to buy in march

valentine's day chocolate Valentine's Day Chocolate and Gifts: Everything that hasn't been sold in February will be further discounted in March. If you want chocolate, head over to your local drugstores and grocery stores to find steep savings on the last of bulk chocolate and decorative treats. We also suggest keeping an eye out for jewelry or perfume, whose peak around Valentine's Day will be dying down in March. Jewelers will be cutting down costs, so pick up a necklace or something special to save for Mother's Day, a birthday, or an anniversary.


ski icon Snowboard and Ski Gear: Since ski and snowboard season is coming to an end, retailers will be slapping on the discounts for skis, snowboards, and accessories. You'll even find sales on heavy winter jackets, hats, and more so don't leave without scoping out everything.


cruise Cruises: It's "Wave Season" for the cruise industry, which means fares are discounted and cool perks (like free room upgrades) are offered under special conditions. If you're looking for a fun summer vacation or want to try your very first vacation on the sea, now is the time to take the plunge.


treadmill icon Exercise Equipment: Now that the weather is warming up, people will find ways to do their workouts outdoors. Retailers that sell exercise equipment will try to stay relevant by offering slashed prices on treadmills, ellipticals, and more. If you're committed to your exercise, pick up some indoor workout equipment for when the weather cools down.


cleaning products Cleaning Products: Spring starts on March 20th, and so does the season of spring cleaning. Whether or not you love cleaning, you're not going to oppose to finding rock-bottom deals on cleaning products and tools that will keep your home smelling fresh every day.


snowflake icon Frozen Food: Did you know March is Frozen Food Month? To celebrate, grocery stores will amp up the promotions for their frozen meals, vegetables, and more. Stack those coupons and you'll have a hard time finding better savings. If you're a lazy cook, this is the month for you!


summer camp Summer Camps: Take advantage of early enrollment discounts and book your child's summer camp now. Check out the American Camp Association to find accredited camps near you. Filter your search by type of camp, location, activities, and more.


What Not to Buy

dress icon Spring Apparel

It's a no-brainer that the best time to buy apparel is after the season is over. You may be tempted to snag up trendy spring fashion, but don't splurge just yet. It's the best time to buy winter apparel now, and if you need to stock up on spring apparel, start early when retailers are offering sales on the newest arrivals. 


lingerie icon Lingerie

You might think post-Valentine's Day means steep discounts on lingerie, but that isn't the case. The smart thing to do is wait until June or July for Victoria's Secrets' highly-anticipated Semi-Annual Sale, as well as other markdowns from Frederick's, Maidenform, Aerie, and more.


television icon  Televisions and Other Electronics

The Super Bowl and Black Friday are long gone, and we all know those are some of the best times to score deals on televisions, entertainment systems, electronics, and the like. Hold off until the end of the year if you can, and you won't regret it.


gym icon Gym Memberships

The time of new year's resolutions is done and over with, so gym memberships are no longer being praised at the most life-changing things out there. Even though the gyms are probably still packed like sardines with people trying to fulfill their resolutions, opt for at-home or outdoor workouts instead of purchasing a membership.

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