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Best and Worst Things to Buy in May

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April 30, 2017 · 5.4k Views

The last full month of spring means lots of great deals for you and your family as well as your home. Does spring cleaning ring a bell? Anticipate amazing Memorial Day sales throughout the month - not just at the end of it. You'll find great deals on everything you can need around the house and a little something for yourself!

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best and worst things to buy in may

  • Spring Apparel: Memorial Day isn't until the end of the month, but know that retailers are ready to entice customers with sales starting early in May. The best deals this month will be on spring apparel, and you can expect as much as 50% off more affordable brands and designer brands alike. They're kicking spring inventory out to make room for the summer stacks.
  • Swimwear: Getting ready to jet off on a tropical getaway? Planning to head to the beach a bunch? May is a great month to get excellent deals on swimwear for the family because it's right before the summer season, and when that time rolls around, prices will about triple.
  • Kitchen Goods: Refrigerators, cookware, and appliances are all good options in the month of May. Again, they're all part of the Memorial Day sales but take advantage of these potentially pricey goods before they're being sold for retail value again.
  • Home Goods: Witness drops in vacuum cleaners, indoor and outdoor furniture, and office furniture during Memorial Day sales happening this month. One of the best home goods purchases you can make in May is a mattress - you'll come across a large selection of mattresses during Memorial Day sales, so stay on the lookout!
  • Picnic, BBQ, and Party Supplies: Summer is right around the corner, and retailers know that outdoor festivities will be in full swing. If you're planning to host a plethora of these parties, pick up your supplies and the like in May to get the best prices.
  • Star Wars Products: May 4th is the official Star Wars day because "May the Fourth Be With You." Get it? If you're a fan or know someone who is, get ready for Star Wars memorabilia like no other to be on sale.


What Not to Buy

  • Mother's Day Gifts: If you haven't purchased a gift for mom for Mother's Day yet, it might be wise to make a gift or go the non-traditional route. The weeks and days leading up to Mother's Day can mean a rise in jewelry, flowers, and other presents mom would expect. ​
  • Grills: Just because outdoor party supplies will be sold at a good price, it doesn't mean all outdoor goods will experience the same thing. Grills are a big no this month, and it's best to wait until Labor Day sales to snag a grill.​
  • Laptops: Keep holding off on these laptops and other tech goods because Back to School sales haven't started just yet. You'll find better deals once July comes around.

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