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Best and Worst Things to Buy in November

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Stephanie MialkiGuest Blogger
November 01, 2017 · 5.4k Views

best and worst things to buy in november

It’s November! You know what that means! It’s no longer “almost” the holiday season… it IS the holiday season! And as you know, ‘tis the season for shopping! November is the absolute best month for bargain shoppers. Not only are the deals out of this world throughout the entire month, but we also have Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday at the end of the month - three days that provide us with amazing deals that we just don’t see during the rest of the year.

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The Best Things to Buy

November is the best month for a lot of things, but these goods, in particular, will be the most sought-after!

appliances icon Home Appliances & Cookware: November is an ideal time to get your hands on last year’s new products for great prices. You can be sure to find steep discounts on most large and small appliances as well as cookware throughout the entire month. Black Friday week, specifically, is sure to offer tons of deals on refrigerators, dishwashers, washer and dryer units, and even vacuums. Moreover, take advantage and stock up on bakeware, cutlery sets, pots and pans, and the like. You can even get your hands on high-end appliances like stand mixers, blenders, and coffee makers for extraordinary prices!

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tools icon Tools & Hardware: Cold weather means most fixer-uppers are staying indoors and avoiding any home improvement projects. This is a great time to save big on tools and hardware. Look for gift sets, such as toolboxes and drill sets, to make the perfect Christmas gift for the handyman (or woman) in your life.

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dress icon Wedding Dresses: Wedding season is now over and business has slowed down substantially for retailers, so wedding dresses are getting reduced left and right. Additionally, stores are anticipating lots of holiday engagements, so they are bringing in a plethora of new styles and prices to choose from.

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tv icon Electronics & Televisions: The time to upgrade has finally come! Off-brand electronics will be some of the best deals during Black Friday. When it comes to TVs, you can expect to see awesome deals, with some of the biggest doorbuster sales on 60” and 32” TV sets from off-brands and name brands alike.

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android and windows tablet icon Tablets: The upgrade cycle for tablets is much lengthier than that of other smaller devices, so manufacturers do whatever they can to push the products out and into the hands of their customers. As a result, the tablet market is overflowing with great options to choose from, and November is a great time to find them for super cheap. This month, Windows tablets can be found for around $45, while off-brand Android tablets will be sold for as low as just $20!

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laptops icon Laptops: Laptops are another great Black Friday steal! Find the best deals on mainstream laptops, bargain bin laptops, or even an Apple products. Average 15” mainstream laptops will run for about $300, while their bargain bin counterparts can be found for around $150, with extreme budget laptops dropping to as low as $100. If you look in the right places (anywhere but the Apple Store) you can even find great deals on the newest Apple laptops!

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The Worst Things to Buy

Avoid these items at all costs… or it’ll end up costing you!

x icon Travel: November is smack in the middle of the busiest season when it comes to holiday travel. If you haven’t booked your flight by this month, you might want to find another travel alternative.

x icon Exercise Equipment: Retailers know about New Year's resolutions, and they'll wait until January to give you nice discounts on that elliptical or set of dumbbells. If you get it now, they're taking advantage of you and your wallet.

x icon Gift Cards: Gift cards are one of the most popular last-minute gift ideas, so expect to score some deeply discounted deals in December. You're not going to find much value for your dollar now.

x icon Winter Apparel: Sure, you can get some good deals on winter apparel during Black Friday, but for the best prices, wait until January for the mid-season sale. You’ll find discounts over 50% off.


Whether you’re getting started on your Christmas shopping or doing a little bit of splurging for yourself, November is definitely the best time to do it! From Black Friday deals to Cyber Monday sales - and of course, the amazingly low prices leading up to these days - the entire month of November is, without-a-doubt, a bargain shopper’s paradise!

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Stephanie Mialki is a mommy of two under two, a fitness enthusiast, and a digital marketing guru. She spends all of her spare time….oh wait, what spare time? She has a passion for business building and has successfully assisted more than 20 entrepreneurs start their own companies.