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Best Buy Offering Free Holiday Shipping, No Minimum

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November 04, 2016 · 4.2k Views

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The deals with Best Buy for Black Friday 2016 have started early this year - online at least. The retailer announced that will be giving free shipping on all its online orders with no minimum starting now. The free shipping announcement went into effect on Oct 23 and really gives shoppers the opportunity to order anything they want from BestBuy.com without those dreaded shipping fees.

The free shipping incentive will go all the way through the holidays to Dec. 24 so if you don’t find it in-store you can order it through Best Buy at no additional charge. This just makes shopping at Best Buy that much sweeter as, without a minimum purchase requirement to get the free shipping, you don’t have to plan your purchases in advance. You can shop often and frequently without the worry of stacking up shipping fees that can be a real nuisance. This will allow you to cash in on deals when you see them and not worry about extra shipping charges while doing so.

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With this great offering from Best Buy, you will be able to do all your Black Friday shopping online this year. This will allow you to miss the craziness that can occur at Best Buy this time of year. Remember those lines and the people camping out for days to get a deal? Now you can shop from the comfort of your home without any worry of taking on additional costs for your purchase through shipping fees.

Plus, with Best Buy offering the free shipping deal now, there is no need to wait to begin your holiday shopping online at its site. The extension of the free shipping deal into December also makes it easy to get everything you want when it comes to electronics from the retailer and have it shipped right to you home, which is totally convenient and easy.

Keep in mind that not every item on the Best Buy website will be available for free shipping as some items will only be available in-store, making you actually have to go there to cash in on the deal. There are also a few restrictions, but most items will be marked for free shipping at checkout. Just keep an eye out for any shipping charges that do occur as this may be when you want to go to the store to make your actual purchase.

While Best Buy is the first retailer to announce that it is offering free shipping, it is expected that other retailers will follow suit as this seems to be one of the most frustrating things for shoppers who shop online and can actually dissuade them from making a purchase. Free shipping with no minimum not only makes it easier for shoppers to shop online, it encourages them to shop more frequently as they know they won’t be socked with a shipping fee to do so. Best Buy is betting on this as a way to encourage shoppers to got to its website and ramp up its sales through the holiday season.


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Best Buy’s shipping fee was traditionally $35, which goes a long way in saving you on your purchase and most likely will have shoppers adding more to their shopping cart this year. Best Buy is banking on this to be true as it hopes to recoup shipping fees in added sales throughout the holidays.

This is just one way that Best Buy is competing against retail giant Amazon and to ensure it gets its fair share of the holiday shopping revenue. In past years, it did a pre-Black Friday sale a few weeks before Thanksgiving but it is unknown if the retailer will be doing this again for 2016. You can expect stores to open on Thanksgiving Day at around 5 pm and stay open as late as 1 am but with the free shipping deal now in effect, there is little reason to head to the store as you can still save big online from the comfort of your home.


Take this opportunity to begin saving on shipping now with Best Buy online. With two months of free shipping through the retailer, you will be able to get all those in demand electronic items in time for Christmas while saving big in the process.

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