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Best Fall Weekend Getaways

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Stephanie MialkiGuest Blogger
September 26, 2016 · 2.5k Views

san francisco as best fall weekend getaways

Summertime is just about over and the fall season is starting to roll in. A cool breeze, leaves changing color, fall decorations, and of course - pumpkin everything! The fall season is also ideal for weekend getaways! This off-peak season is the perfect time to land some great deals on some short, but memorable trips. Here is a list of some of the best places to relax, unwind, and enjoy the fall season.

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1. Myrtle Beach, SC

As one of the most famous and visited beaches in the United States, Myrtle Beach is a great fall getaway. The warm air mixed with the cool breeze coming off of the ocean is the perfect atmosphere for sitting on the shore, watching the waves come in and out. It’s also a well-known tourist town, so there’s plenty of sightseeing to do and attractions to see during this time, without the intense humidity that the summer brings.

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2. New York, NY

The beautiful Big Apple is still just as big and beautiful in the fall. Gone are the crowds from summer vacation and tourist influx, and what’s left is the constantly evolving city with a small town charm. The distinct cultural differences from one town to the next in NYC are totally surreal, as are the amazing eateries and renowned shopping experiences littered throughout the city.


3. Savannah, GA

Much like Charleston, Savannah has it’s own Spanish moss, thick southern drawls, and super creepy cemeteries. Located about 100-miles south of Charleston, Savannah, Georgia is home to some of the most popular ghost hunting locations in America. And what better time to go ghost hunting than in the fall, right? While you’re visiting this beautiful southern city, be sure to enjoy some of the mouth-watering fried food and true, authentic nightlife!

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4. Bahamas

Possibly one of the most common travel destinations in the world, the Bahamas is pretty much a majestic beach with a built in resort, perfect for vacationers all year round. It’s jam-packed with fairly cost effective excursions, and most of the hotels offer buffet-style meals so you can eat while you play! Fall is the perfect time to visit the Bahamas, as hurricane season has just passed and most of the summer tourists have already gone back to work. The only downfall is that you’ll definitely wish you had more time here!


5. San Francisco, CA

Home of the iconic suspension bridge, The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is absolutely perfect for those who dare to be free spirited and completely care free. Also well known for it’s thick art culture, this northwestern California city is a must-see for artists, art student, or anyone else who appreciates artistic freedom. San Francisco is also one of the few cities where cable cars are still very much in working order and a main method of public transit! How neat is that!

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6. Charleston, SC

This history-rich city in the heart of South Carolina is home to a plethora of historic, centuries-old buildings and sites. The warm weather and palm trees combined with the Spanish moss-wrapped trees and cobblestone walkways make this city a scenic delight. The spooky graveyards and rich history of the many plantations make the city of Charleston a dream getaway for any history nut or ghost story enthusiast. Historic appeal aside, Charleston is still a booming economical city, oozing with outstanding eateries, landmarks, and entertainment for everybody.


7. Vancouver, Canada

Needing a quick break from the norm? Grab your passport, get in the car, and visit our northern neighbors in Vancouver, Canada. The array of plains, beaches, mountain ranges, and glaciers are just breathtaking, to say the least. With its chic culture and eclectic food choices, Vancouver definitely has something to offer each and every one of it’s visitors.

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