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Best Food Delivery Services for COVID-19 Lockdown

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June 02, 2020 · 2.9k Views

With many Americans stuck in lockdown due to the coronavirus, food delivery services have become nearly an essential service. To help you still order food from your favorite restaurants, we used the best services on the market to find out which is the best. See our results below.


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Best Food Delivery Services



  • $0 delivery on over 100,000 independent restaurant partners via DashPass
  • No-contact delivery is now the default delivery setting
  • Order household essentials delivered to your door
  • 30-days of commission-free delivery for new restaurants

Order from DoorDash now online or via their app [iOS or Android].

With over 300,000 restaurants in 4,000 cities worldwide, DoorDash (more coupons) is convenient, widely available, and easy to use. Whether you order online or via the app, the total experience is fairly easy to grasp. Once you place your order, you can track it to know exactly when it will arrive.

For COVID-19, DoorDash is now offering no-contact delivery as the default delivery setting, and you can even order household essentials delivered straight to your door. In addition, get $0 delivery at over 100,000 independent restaurant partners via DashPass.

What is DashPass? For just $10 a month, you get free delivery and lower service fees from your favorite restaurants and more. If you're a frequent DoorDash user, then you may want to consider signing up for the pass -- the potential savings from lower service fees could help end up paying for the pass.

 Hot Tip: get a 2-year DashPass membership for free via your eligible Chase credit card.

*Current Offer: get $5 off $10 orders when you use code 5OFFPICKUP and choose pickup instead of delivery.



  • $0 delivery fee on any order from a local restaurant
  • $5 off discount on Starbucks and McDonald's orders

Order from Uber Eats online or via their app [iOS or Android].

Uber Eats (more coupons) has over 320,000 restaurant partners in over 500 cities nationwide. The company boasts an average delivery time of under 30 minutes, which in our experience is typically right. Similarly to other delivery services, you can track your delivery driver in realtime.

In response to COVID-19, Uber Eats is now offering $0 delivery fee on any order from a local restaurant at more than 100,000 locations. Since no membership is required to get that free delivery, it gives the service a leg up over DoorDash. In addition, you can score $5 off Starbuck orders, as well as $5 off McDonald's orders.

Are you a healthcare worker or first responder? Uber Eats is currently offering hundreds of thousands of meals for free to COVID-19 responders!



  • Get $10 off $30 from participating restaurants (from 5pm to 2pm)
  • Suspending commission fees for up to $100 million from independent restaurants
  • No-contact delivery option

Order from Grubhub online or via their app [iOS or Android].

With roughly 140,000 restaurants in 2,700 cities, Grubhub (more coupons) is not as widely available as other food delivery services. However, Grubhub does support almost every payment method, including Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay. This make Grubhub a convient option if you do not want to share your credit card info.

In response to COVID-19, Grubhub announced a $100 million relief program for ailing restaurants that defers the collection of up to $100 million in comissions from independent restaurants. Plus, customers can receive $10 off any order of $30 or more from participating restaurants every night from 5pm to 9pm. In addition, customers can stay safe via contact-free delivery.



  • Get Walgreens & CVS on-demand delivery
  • No-contact delivery options

Order Postmates online or via their app [iOS or Android].

Now in over 4,200 cities at more than 500,000 restaurants, Postmates (more coupons) offers a variety of options with an easy to user interface. Customers can opt to have driver's text in their location in realtime.

In their response to COVID-19, Postmates is now offering delivery on medication and household essentials from CVS and Walgreens. This makes the service great if you need to re-fill your presecription while still adhereing to social distancing guidelines. In addition, customers can opt for no-contact delivery.

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