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10 Best International Places to Travel On a Budget

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Jacqueline PaumierGuest Blogger
June 05, 2016 · 2k Views

Have the travel bug but are stuck at home due to a tight budget? You may be closer to satisfying that wanderlust than you think. Don’t fall for the common misconception that travel is reserved for the wealthy. The fact is you can easily satisfy your wander lust without breaking the bank. By simply doing a bit of planning ahead of time, being open to new experiences and choosing locations that give you the most for your buck, you may find yourself becoming quite the globe trotter.

We have compiled a list of travel destinations that are perfect for those watching their budget.


1. Bolivia

Source: Kyvertnitis

Bolivia is one of the most remote countries in South America, but can become an affordable escape for the adventurous traveler. The average accommodation in Bolivia will run about $9 US dollars a day, roughly the same amount you can expect to spend on food for the day. Local transportation runs as low as $2 usd, and sightseeing is usually free thanks to Bolivia’s lush rainforests and waterfalls. All together a traveler can expect to spend about $27 usd a day.

2. Serbia

Source: Grimshaw Club LSESU

Due to its violent history, Serbia is typically not considered as a vacation destination. However, the country has become much safer in recent years, and travelers can now enjoy all of Serbia’s culture even on a tight budget. Accommodation in Serbia can run as low as $16 USD per night, and travel throughout the city can range from $0.60 to $4.20 usd. Food is also an unexpected deal with dinner consisting of meat, fries, salad and a coke costing just $11 USD.

3. Bali

Source: Travel Noire

Looking to getting your “Eat, Pray, Love” on? The fabulous destination is I fact just as relaxing, luxurious, and peaceful as it appears in the movies and is surprisingly affordable. In fact, a week in Bali including four-star hotel and massage can cost just $380 USD. Checking out airlines such as Air Asia, Jet star, and tiger air can also help save some additional cash on the airfare.

4. India

Source: Fundable

India is increasingly becoming a favorite travel destination due to the value of the rupee. Travelers can easily live like a king in India on a modest budget. Luxury accommodation can be made for just $7 a day, while meals can cost as little as 50 rupees a day, less than 50 cents in US. Traveling by taxi is also affordable, and taking in sights such as monuments and temples are usually free.

5. Greece

Source: Bodedre

With postcard perfect blue waters and white on white ceramic houses, the beauty of Greece can seem unattainable to most, but you would be surprised by just how affordable Greece can really be. Renting a large home that can hold up to 7 people can cost just $235 a night (very affordable when you consider splitting it 7 ways). Mediterranean food is also quite affordable, costing $6-$10 dollars per meal. Transportation is affordable, but most cities in Greece are so walkable that you may opt to stick o traveling on foot.


Source: CBR Italy

Traveling throughout Turkey is a wonderful opportunity to indulge in sights, sounds, and flavors, of a centuries old culture. Accommodation in Turkey can be made for as little as $14 a night (including breakfast). Most meals consisting of rice, veggies, meat, and bread can come with a bill as low as $3 a plate, and often will leave you too full for seconds. Transportation can take you from city to city for just $5 usd.

7. Amsterdam

Source: Kimpton Hotels

Think traveling to Europe on a budget is impossible? Amsterdam can easily prove you wrong, with quality hostels, transportations and meals, Amsterdam is perfect for students and backpackers. Hostels can cost as little as $12 a night, and meals can range from $6-$12 usd. You can also pick up travel passes for just $12 that will give you access to unlimited bus, tram, and train travel throughout the day.

8. Nepal

Source: Mac's Adventures

Travelers can enjoy the experience of Nepal for roughly $40 a day. Luxury accusation in Nepal can be found for as little as $12 a night. Expect food to be you biggest expense, with larger meals falling into the $10-$12 range.  Traveler will enjoy lush tropical scenery, and colorful cultural representations.

9. Mexico

Source: The Break Breaker

Tropical destinations such as Mexico are perfect thanks to the many all-inclusive resorts offering food, accommodation and activities at competitive rates. If you choose to save even more money trying renting locally. Some apartments and houses can be rented for as little as $400 a month. Also choose small locally run restaurants over major tourist traps to save on eating out.

10. Vietnam

Source: Jimmy Eats World

Another country outgrowing a bad reputation is Vietnam. Travelers in Vietnam can expect to pay $25 usd a day for a hotel for two, with food costs averaging at about the same cost. Traveling by bus is also ideal, since the bus fee can be as little as 25 cents per person.

Additional Ways to Travel on a Budget:

  • Always book your vacation during the destinations low season to receive the lowest rates on hotels and air fare.
  • Visit websites like Cheapoair to easily compare hotel prices, receive discounts, and find the best dates to fly out on.
  • Look into renting from locals or Airbnb, instead of staying in pricey hotels.
  • Do your homework, find out the average cost of foods and taxi fares to avoid being charged “tourist rates.”
  • Order currency early on from your bank, to avoid paying a percentage to money transfer agencies.
  • Look into affordable site seeing destinations such as beaches and national monuments.
  • Download Whym, a travel app that offers last-minute, discounted tickets to tours, attractions, events, and more. Click here to download the app.
  • Visit DealsPlus to find deals on flights and accommodations:


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