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Best Items to Buy After the Holidays

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
December 28, 2016 · 5.1k Views

Right now, most of us are so busy trying to find the best deals on the things we need now – for Christmas gifts and parties – instead of thinking about what to buy come December 26 and beyond. However, there are many things that you should buy after the holidays in order to get the best deals and (gasp!) even prepare for Christmas 2017.

That’s right, the yearly spending doesn’t stop once you buy all your Christmas presents. After Christmas, there are many opportunities for you to keep on spending. That’s because stores are looking to get rid of holiday leftovers. In addition, some stores may need to meet monthly and annual sales quotas, and as such, they still want your business – your money, specifically – after December 24.

Get your credit cards and gift cards ready. Here are some ways to shop ‘til you drop – or until the year ends, anyway. Be sure to check out the deals on these items after Christmas.


Best Things to Buy After the Holidays

christmas decorations


There won’t be a lot of people clamoring for a $5 roll of gift wrap after December 25. Gift wrap, ornaments, lights, inflatables, artificial trees, tinsel, bows, gift tags and other Christmas decorations take up too much room and therefore need to be liquidated.

Shop at your favorite drugstore, grocery store, and big box retailer on December 26 and pick up your decorations for next year. You’ll save as much as 75% on essentials you’ll need for 2017. Just stash them in your closet and you’ll avoid paying full price on these items in November and December of next year. Keep in mind, though, that you typically won’t see decorations for sale online, so you’ll have to physically shop in a brick and mortar store for the best deals.

christmas candies


Want to get your hands on candy at a great price? Get your Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Snickers fix after December 25. Holiday candy is no longer relevant by this time so you can expect huge markdowns. Personally, on December 26 in years past, I have been able to get bags of Snickers at my local Walmart for 25 cents each, so if you have the day off, stop in and see what types of deals you can find.

gift sets

The Love Cats Inc.

People love to give – and receive – gift sets during the holidays. Retailers often dedicate an entire aisle to these sets, which include beauty, bath, makeup and food items. If you want to save big on these, buy them right after Christmas.

The good thing about these gift sets is that they’re not solely for use as Christmas presents – although you can certainly keep them until Christmas 2017. You can use them as gifts any time of year. They’re great for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, hostess gifts – you name it. So if you find these in the clearance bin, stock up because there are many opportunities to use them.


Green Toys

Many retailers carry an influx of toys during the holidays, so once Christmas is over, retailers will often mark down remaining stock of less-popular toys. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews who would play with these toys, stock up and save them for birthdays, graduations and any other special events. Do note, however, that trendy toys change often, so these toys may no longer be popular by next Christmas – just an FYI.

Have you shopped at these retailers? Write a review to tell us about your experience!

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Retailers will be having clothing deals after Christmas, so if you’d rather wear cool brand-name jeans instead of the sweatpants your mother gave you, this would be a good time to buy them. Winter clothing will finally see some markdowns since this category of clothing is typically at full price up until now.

You could see up to 50% off coats, sweaters, and accessories. Nike and Nordstrom typically offer up to 92% off select clothing. For the best deals at some stores, you might want to wait until January.

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gift cards


Many people choose to give gift cards to loved ones on their list. However, in many cases, the recipient has no use for the gift card. For example, an Android user won’t be able to use an iTunes gift card. A person who typically shops at Target will likely never use a Walmart gift card. Instead of simply tossing the gift card or giving it away, the recipient may try to make a few bucks and sell the card on a site such as eBay.

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Because so many people use this site to sell their gift cards, you’re going to find low prices – 15% or more on most gift cards. So if you see someone selling a $25 gift card for $20, it’s because that person just wants it out of his hands and wants to get something in return. Most gift cards have no expiration dates, so this is a great way to stock up on gift cards for the people on your Christmas list for next year. Just be sure to give them gift cards they’ll actually use.


A Life with Frills

Electronics are often marked down after Christmas. However, the trick is to wait until January, when new products are typically released. At that point, the prices of older models will be significantly slashed. This is a good time to purchase a new TV or laptop. Check out Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg for the best deals.

used car Seat

If you’re in the market for a car, go used and buy it on December 31. This is the best day of the year to buy a car, with savings of up to 9%. That’s because dealerships want to get rid of older inventory and bring in new cars. Plus, they may have year-end quotas to meet, so take a driver to your local dealership and bring your best offers. Look for a car with the model year of 2016 or older and be prepared to save

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Nobody wants their Christmas presents a day late, so don’t plan on taking advantage of these deals for this year. Instead, use this list to plan ahead for next year. You can use this as a gift guide or a general guide for shopping for things you need in your everyday life. Chances are, you’ll need at least a few of these items throughout the year.

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