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Best Tech Gifts Guide 2015 (and where to save!)

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December 03, 2015 · 2k Views

This year has seen a great deal of innovation from top tech brands of all time. From Apple Watch to drones, it’s hard to select both the perfect gadget and one that doesn’t burn a hole through your wallet. Electronics are and continue to be a popular commodity for people of all ages. From office essentials to entertainment, tech gifts are a no brainer for family and friends on Christmas Day. Selecting an ideal tech gifts within your budget, however, is another hurdle. These things are pretty freaking expensive.

There is a some light at the end of the tunnel though. Black Friday may be over, but retailers are still eagerly dishing out discounts for Christmas shoppers. You won’t see extreme Black Friday style discounts but they’ll still help you save a little here and there. If you’re shopping smart and getting your Christmas shopping done early, take a look at these 50 budget-friendly gifts and some unique Christmas gift ideas to purchase today!

Below are some of the best discounts we currently see for the following top gadgets for this year:

Best Tech Gifts Guide 2015

  1. Apple iPhone 6s or 6s Plus

The cheapest method in upgrading to that brand new iPhone (for someone in a family plan) is to either go to your mobile carrier’s site for upgrade options or switch over to a new carrier and get a discount + lower leasing option or new contract on a new phone. However, if you plan on purchasing an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, check out these deals we’ve spotted below:

  1. Apple Watch

There’s not a lot sales on this new product from Apple but below is the lowest prices we can find from a reputable seller!


  1. iPad Mini/Air


  1. Apple MacBook


Tip: if you’re currently a student, Apple Store Education Pricing up to $200 off a new Mac or up to $20 off a new iPad with your active .edu email. Best Buy also offers discounts on select MacBook, iMac, Surface Pro and more for college students.


  1. Drone/Droid Toys


  1. Microsoft Surface Pro


  1. GoPro

These are some of the cheapest options we’re looking at if you’re gifting an adventurer a GoPro this year!


  1. PS4 Bundle


  1. Xbox One Bundle


  1. Fitbit Activity Trackers

This is our final pick and it makes for a perfect fit for anyone. Keep track of your daily steps, heart rate and track your health progress with these Fitbit picks:

2015 Gift Guides to Make Your Christmas Shopping Easier

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