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5 Best Things to Do on 4th of July Weekend

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June 25, 2016 · 2k Views

We’re heading into 4th of July weekend soon so if you’re still planning out how to spend your 3-day weekend, take a look at this list of ideas below. On the other hand, I realize that not everyone will get their 3-day weekend as those in the industry will still need to work the full weekend but there’s still a few ways you can enjoy 4th of July .

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Local 4th of July Events in your city

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One of the best ways to take advantage of 4th of July celebrations is to find out what’s happening in your local area. Restaurants, bars, clubs, convention centers, parks and much more attractions offer discounts and events on this weekend. Its best to browse around and see which events catch your interest. How to look for events? Try a Google search term like “(location) 4th of july events” or try


Movie night in

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Don’t like crowds? We know that feeling all too well. This is also perfect for those who needs to work during the day! Plan a fun dinner (don’t forget dessert) followed by a movie (or TV show) marathon. A bonus tip? If you live near the city, you can probably watch fireworks from your rooftop. Wine in hand. Just be careful!


A nice relaxing day at the beach

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Hey! Night shift schedule got you down? Plan to head out to the beach a little early over 4th of July weekend. Pack a picnic, beach umbrella/tent, bluetooth speaker, body board and whatever else needed and enjoy. Some beach towns could be hosting events too so if you’re only planning to spend the entire day there, don’t forget to check those out! Additionally, you can combine this with movie night in for a full day’s plan.


Take a day trip or weekend getaway

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Need a sweet escape but it has to be short? Day trip. Day trip all the way. Traveling over 4th of July weekend tends to get hectic so make sure to plan ahead of time arrive/depart before traffic gets crazy. Better yet, escape to a lesser-known destination! Here are a few city day trip destinations we found from the east coast and west coast:

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Lounge around a park and watch fireworks at night

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One of the most relaxing ways to spend a summer weekend with friends and family? Picnic or BBQ at a local park in the afternoon and plan to hang out till the evening to watch the firework celebration! Do plan to head out a little earlier to snag the best spots in the park. Bring a volleyball, football, frisbee or other park games and get active!

What have you got planned for 4th of July?

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