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The Best Wines From Trader Joe's for Under $10

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Kate MurphyGuest Blogger
June 12, 2016 · 10.2k Views

I remember when the buzz about “Two Buck Chuck” first started years ago. Officially known as Charles Shaw, the extremely cheap wine brand was introduced at Trader Joe’s stores in California for $1.99 a bottle! Even experts agreed that the wines were for the most, part pretty darn good. Ever since then, Trader Joe’s has been the go-to spot where you will find some of the best deals on wine. I asked around, sampled a few myself, to see which labels were favorites. In no particular order, here’s a list of the best Trader Joe’s wines you can get for under $10.


Le Pépin Pinot Noir Vin de France for $6.99

Well-balanced with aromas of strawberry, raspberry and hints of cloves, Le Pépin Pinot Noir Vin de France makes a regular appearance on the list of best affordable red wines. Enjoy its lush and dry character typically reserved for a wine that costs a lot more. (Above)

Il Tarocco Chianti Classico 2011 for $9.99

A friend who appreciates fine wine recommended this Chianti. A mainstay on the best cheap wines list, it has an intense ruby color and aromas of ripe red fruit. Give it a couple of hours to open up before enjoying the well-balanced flavor and moderately long finish. The wine offers versatile pairing options. Drink it with pizza, or steak and pork dishes.

Trader Joe’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley for $9.99

Grab a couple of bottles of this Napa Valley Cabernet for the next dinner party and it will be a hands-down winner with guests. Full-bodied, bold fruit notes, and a strong finish, it has everything you would expect from a good wine of this region.

Albero Monastrell for $6.99

Made from the Monastrell grape that grows in the Jumilla region of Spain, this Spanish red wine receives high marks from wine lovers. It is bold and smooth with fruity notes of cherry red, blackberries, and violets. Great with grilled meats and vegetables, and Spanish tapas of course.


Les Portes de Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc 2014 for $5.99

Take a bottle of this Sauvignon Blanc to the next summer get together and your friends will be thinking that you paid much more than $5.99. Coming from the largest Chateaus in the Bordeaux appellation, it has balanced acidity with notes of lemon and grapefruit. Crisp and fresh, the wine will pair well with your favorite summer dishes like fish and light pasta. (Above)

Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio 2011 for $6.99

The bottle describes this Pinot Grigio as “smooth, fresh, and fruity. Perfect for any occasion.” You’ll notice a flowery aroma and crisp notes of fruit. The backyard party season is in full swing, so keep this Pinot Grigio on your short list all summer long.

Cecilia Beretta Prosecco Treviso DOC for $7.99

This Prosecco hails from the Treviso region, north of Venice. Sparkling and frothy, it has a fruity aroma with notes of sweet almonds and a dry finish. You can drink it as an aperitif or with fish or a light pasta. This Prosecco is light and refreshing enough to be enjoyed alongside a homemade brunch.

Sara Bee Moscato at $6.99

If you’re feeling a sweet white wine on your next Trader Joe’s run, go for a bottle of Sara Bee Moscato. Even those most opposed to sweet wine had nothing but good things to say about this one. Sparkling and slightly crisp, it carries fruity aromas with hints of citrus and apricot. The verdict: a great tasting sweet wine, especially for the price.


Grifone Rosé for $4.99

Produced in the Apulia region of Italy, this rosato (Spanish name for rosé) is made with 100% of the Negroamaro grape. You’ll notice fruity hints of strawberries, raspberries, and watermelon complimented with sweet white flowers. Refreshingly crisp, the Grifone Rosé definitely earns a place in the picnic basket this season. (Above)

La Ferme Julien Rosé for $5.99

The lovely pale pink color of La Ferme Julien Rosé is thanks to a blend of the Syrah, Granache, and Cinsault grapes. Light and dry with subtle hints of fruit make this your go-to rosé for the summer. It receives bonus points for the goat on the label.

J.L. Quinson Cotes de Provence Rosé 2015 for $7.99

This rosé is a trusted choice if you are in the mood for a pink wine. Light and crisp with hints of berry, melon, and rose. The wine goes down very easily and makes a great apértif. Or enjoy it alongside light summer fare such as grilled veggies and fish.


Don’t take your wine drinking so seriously. There’s a world of great tasting, cheap wines out there. And you’ll find many of them at Trader Joe’s.



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Kate Murphy is a native of Pennsylvania. After receiving a degree in art history, she moved to New York City to test the waters. She enjoys writing about art, culture, fashion, design, and travel. In addition to writing, Kate works with artists, leads, street art tours, and moonlights as an illustrator.

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