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Black November

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November 01, 2015 · 1.6k Views

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about early Black Friday sales intruding on Thanksgiving. Luckily, we have some good news!

You don’t actually have to shop on Thanksgiving to get great Black Friday deals.

Black Friday is no longer a single-day event, or even a weekend long event. Many stores have been offering deals earlier and earlier, bringing Black Friday shoppers to their doors as soon as November 1st. This trend has been dubbed Black November, and it’s due in part to some serious competition between retailers. This new shopping craze has only revealed itself in the past few years as stores like Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon have introduced their holiday sales extra early, forcing their competitors to catch up.

Many stores have decided to remain open on Thanksgiving, but not without some resistance. While some shoppers prefer to go deal hunting before the lines form, others feel that they shouldn’t have to choose between Thanksgiving festivities with their families and participating in the biggest shopping event of the year. Not all retailers are choosing to open on the U.S. holiday, however. Several stores have already announced that they will not be open on Thanksgiving so that employees can enjoy Thanksgiving their way. With that being said, some of those retailers have traded in Thanksgiving Day, for deals to begin even earlier in the month.

It seems like some of the larger retail giants have wised up to consumer needs, presenting shoppers with more and more chances to save. The days of waking up at dawn and waiting in long lines may be coming to an end with the expansion of Black Friday sales into Thanksgiving and earlier. To go along with the onslaught of pre-Thanksgiving discounts is an increase in online shopping via mobile phones and tablets. These two developments have contributed to an overall decline in the importance of the shopping days that immediately follow Thanksgiving.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pre-Black Friday sales that occurred last year and are likely to resurface this year.



We have no doubt in our mind that Walmart will participate in Black November this year. Last year, Walmart introduced over 20,000 rollback prices starting November 1st. Then came the expansion of their savings catcher to include holiday items, expanded on November 2nd. The next event was an online 24-hour savings event with Black Friday and Cyber Monday like deals, on November 3rd. Official Black Friday prices were introduced on the Friday before Thanksgiving. We expect to see these events return, creating a full month of savings for shoppers once again! Hot items will include the iPads, TV deals, toys and more electronics and tech products.

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Amazon is another retailer who has a record of participating in Black November. Last year, they brought 15,000 lightning deals to their online store, calling it the “Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week.” In addition to lightning deals, Amazon introduced two “Deals of the Day” each day. This all began on November 1st. Official Black Friday deals began the Friday before Thanksgiving and new deals were introduced as often as every 10 minutes for eight days. We believe that Amazon will bring these events back to create yet another Black November for all to remember, with a full month of lightning deals and a full week of Black Friday deals on just about everything.

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Best Buy

Best Buy hosted a Black Friday preview sale last year, beginning the Thursday before Thanksgiving. This year should be no different, offering six doorbuster deals over three days. Deals will likely focus on products such as tablets, laptops, HDTVs and video games.

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Home Depot

Although they may keep their Black Friday ad a secret, Home Depot does not lack on the pre-Black Friday savings. Last year, they hosted a huge one-day only Black Friday sneak peek sale with discounts of up to 40% off during the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. Home Depot also wowed customers with a month long appliance sale, beginning on November 5th. We should see the Black Friday sneak peek sale return this year featuring hundreds of items like rugs, furniture, tools and toys. No promises on the appliance sale, though!

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Newegg is the champion of Black November deals. Last year was their sixth year of hosting Black November in their online store. It has clearly been a success, so we believe that they will surely do the same this year! Look out for pre-Black Friday savings on tech and electronics products to begin November 1st.

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Office Depot/Office Max

Office Depot and Office Max, now one store, make their presence well known all throughout Black November. Last year the retailer featured early Black Friday sales in-store and online from November 2nd to November 15th. Leading the trend for early Cyber Monday deals, Office Depot/Office Max also hosted an event called “Every Monday is Cyber Monday” with new online only deals every Monday of November. We expect to see both sales return, featuring deals on technology, printers, furniture and other business and home office supplies.

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Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club has already posted their Winter holiday catalog, so we are pretty sure that there will be a pre-Black Friday sale sometime around mid-November. Last year’s pre-Black Friday sale was the Holiday Savings Celebration Sale, and it took place on November 15th.

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Sears already had an early Cyber Monday sale this year, but we expect to see another one around mid-November. This extra savings event should score you an extra 5-10% off Christmas and holiday items.

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