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21 Boozy Ice Cream Treats for the Summer

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Jacqueline PaumierGuest Blogger
July 26, 2016 · 5.8k Views

Remember chasing after the ice cream man on a hot afternoon? Nothing goes together quite like the summertime and ice cream; that is until some brilliant mad scientist dreamed up alcoholic ice cream! The ultimate comfort food meets the ultimate party starter for a summer treat that can liven up any celebration, from BBQ's to Girls Night. We love the following recipes for making boozy ice cream treats, try them out for yourself! Cheers!

You're definitely going to need ice cream to make these concoctions. Before you head to your grocery store, make your way to our Rite Aid, Safeway, Ralph's, and Costco coupon pages to get even more ice cream.


1. M&M Vodka Delight

via Tipsy Bartender

2. Bourbon Salted Caramel Milkshake

via Love and Olive Oil

3. Mint Chocolate Chip Baileys Milkshake

via Family, Food, and Travel

4. Adult Mexican Chocolate Milkshake

via Honey & Birch

5. Dirty Diet Coke Floats

via Is This Really My Life

6. Strawberries and Cream Champagne Float

via Parsnips and Pastries

7. Berry-Prosecco Ice Cream Float

via Lonny

8. Margarita Ice Cream Float

via The Cookie Rookie

9. Dirty Dr.Pepper Cherry Ice Cream Float

via Butter with a Side of Bread

10. Drunken Oreo Madness Cocktail

via Tipsy Bartender

11. Cotton Candy Ice Cream Shots

via Sugar and Cloth

12. No-Churn Mojito Ice Cream

via Charlotte’s Live Kitchen

13. Ice Cream Cone Shot Glasses

via Country Living

14. Boozy S’Mores Milkshake

via A Cookie Named Desire

15. Red Wine Ice Cream

via Cooking with Janica

16. Kahlua Cherry Ice Cream

via The Flavor Blender

17. Irish Whiskey Ice Cream with Salted Caramel

via Well Plated

18. Bourbon Soaked Cherry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

via Vanilla and Bean

19. Affogato Speciale

via Shutterbean

20. Banana Split Shooters

via Sugar and Charm

21. No-Churn Mudslide Ice Cream and Affogato

via Baking Addiction


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Jacqueline is a modern day gypsy, who has lived in several countries and has traveled to over 20. A sucker for all things pleasing to the senses; her world revolves around food (any and all food), foreign indie films, and salsa music. The first to jump off a waterfall and the last to say no to sushi, she has been described as a bit of an “extremist”. In her perfect world, no one ever spells “cool” as “kool” and Ryan Gosling has more tattoos. She enjoys spending her free time in her New Orleans home with her Cubano guitarist husband and 1-year-old son.

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