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10 Browser Extensions That Will Save You Money While Shopping Online

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Kate MurphyGuest Blogger
December 11, 2016 · 2.6k Views

The convenience of online shopping is apparent. Still in your pajamas and working on the day’s first cup of coffee, you can make purchases that used to require putting on acceptable clothes and making a half-day trip to the nearest mall. There are drawbacks, however. It takes a lot of time and effort to comparison shop to find the best online deals. And after all the work, are you sure that you are getting the best buy? Could you have scored a lower price for that fancy blender?

Well, online shoppers, you are in luck! There are numerous browser extensions to aid you on your virtual quest for finding the best deals. Buy using the following browser extensions, you can compare prices and locate coupons while never leaving your bed. Saving money has never been so comfortably easy!


10 Browser Extensions To Save You Money While Shopping Online online shopping icon

1. Honey

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Think of Honey as the savviest online coupon clipper. This extension searches for coupons on countless shopping sites. If Honey finds a coupon that is applicable to you, it automatically applies the coupon to your transaction, saving you time and money. And be sure to check out the HoneyGold program, which gives you an extra cash bonus when you buy certain products from participating stores.


2. PriceBlink

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PriceBlink is your online coupon-clipping friend with benefits. In addition to weeding out the best coupons for your purchase, the extension also compares prices and lets you create a Wish List of desired products and will notify once the price drops.


3. Coupons at Checkout

via GIPHY. Source: Coupons at Checkout

Coupons at Checkout is another browser extension that searches for coupons so you don’t have to. It has received glowing reviews from fans who saved money at top stores and e-commerce sites such as Target, Macy’s, Nike, and Groupon just to name a few.


4. Wallaby


Source: Google

You are not alone if you don’t quite understand how your credit card rewards work. Which of those rectangular pieces of plastic should you be using to bring the best returns? Let Wallaby save you the headache of figuring it all out. This handy extension lets you know which credit card to use when online shopping so you’ll earn the highest rewards for your purchases.


5. Offers.com Codes and Deals

via GIPHY. Image Source: Offers.com

Offered to you by Offers.com, this browser alerts you to the best coupon codes, product deals, and other special offers available at numerous online stores such as Kohl’s, Macy’s, Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy. You can shop knowing that all your bases have been covered when it comes to saving time and money.

6. The Camelizer


Source: DealsPlus

The Camelizer is a browser extension available at camelcamelcamel, Amazon’s price-tracking website. It allows you to view the price history of a product without leaving the product retailer page. You can also get alerts via email or twitter when an item’s price drops or it goes on sale.


7. PriceScout

via GIPHY. Image Source: Chrome Web Store

PriceScout helps you save money while shopping online through its two main features: Automatic Price Comparison and Coupon Notifications. View a product and PriceScout automatically scans 21,000 stores to find it for you at the lowest price. The browser extension also alleviates the work of searching for coupons by alerting you to any money-saving coupons.


8. InvisibleHand


Source: How Can Video

Your stress level for international travel usually hovers around a 10. Use InvisibleHand for planning your next trip, and your stress will drop to the 1-2 range, guaranteed. In additional to price comparing products in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany, this browser extension compares the prices for flights, hotels, and rental cars.


9. Fakespot


Source: Fakespot

As an online shopper, you rely on product reviews to make an informed decision about buying a product. While many reviews are authentic, a good lot are false. It is becoming more and more common for companies to actually pay people to write positive reviews on their goods and services! With the Fakespot browser extension, you can analyze reviews of a product and find out if they are genuine or not. Amazon and Yelp are currently the only websites supported by Fakespot.


10. Groolu


Source: Chrome Web Store

Frequent shoppers of Groupon and LivingSocial will find Groolu especially useful. This browser extension checks for new coupons on the hour at the aforementioned deals sites along with Tippr, Zozi, and Dealster. Once a new coupon is found, you will receive a notification that includes an image and information about the vendor, deal name, retail price, percent off, and sales price.


Bonus! DealsPlus

via GIPHY. Image Source: Chrome Web Store

Yes, we have an extension! Our extension allows you to browse any retail website that we support and you'll have your coupons with you wherever you go. You don't need a DealsPlus account to use the coupons, and you'll get alerts and access to online and in-store coupons. Share them easily with friends or family via social media!


Searching for the best buys online does not have to be a hair-pulling experience. By letting these extension browsers do all the heavy work, you can rest assured knowing that you are scoring the best deal with every online purchase.

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