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15 Buddha Bowls for a Healthy, Colorful Meal

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April 22, 2017 · 5k Views

Buddha bowls have been on the horizon of health food enthusiasts for a while, and we're here to sell everyone else on the latest nutritious craze. Although there is no strict definition for a buddha bowl, the majority of them contain a variety of greens, raw and/or roasted veggies, nuts, seeds, healthy grains, and even meat if that is your preference. Check out these delicious buddha bowl recipes for a deliciously healthy meal.

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15 Buddha Bowls for a Healthy, Colorful Meal buddha bowl

1. The Vegan Buddha Bowl

vegan buddha bowl

Source: Well and Full

Get the recipe from Well and Full.


2. Tropical Buddha Bowl

tropical buddha bowl

Source: Love and Zest

Get the recipe from Love and Zest.


3. Thai Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl

thai peanut tofu buddha bowl

Source: Eat Spin Run Repeat

Get the recipe from Eat Spin Run Repeat.


4. Mexican Buddha Bowl

mexican buddha bowl

Source: Lemon Blossoms

Get the recipe from Lemon Blossoms.


5. Brussels Sprouts Eggplant Buddha Bowl

brussels sprouts eggplant buddha bowl

Source: Robust Recipes

Get the recipe from Robust Recipes.


6. Sweet Potato, Squash, and Kale Buddha Bowl

sweet potato, squash, and kale buddha bowl

Source: The Girl on Bloor

Get the recipe from The Girl on Bloor.


7. Spicy Buddha Bowl

spicy buddha bowl

Source: Crazy Vegan Kitchen

Get the recipe from Crazy Vegan Kitchen.


8. Garden Veggie Vegan Buddha Bowl

garden veggie vegan buddha bowl

Source: Cotter Crunch

Get the recipe from Cotter Crunch.


9. Greek Quinoa Buddha Bowl

greek quinoa buddha bowl

Source: Emilie Eats

Get the recipe from Emilie Eats.


10. Turkey Meatball Buddha Bowl with Maple Tahini Dressing

turkey meatball buddha bowl

Source: Amy Sheree

Get the recipe from Amy Sheree.


11. Masala Chickpea Buddha Bowl

masala chickpea buddha bowl

Source: Full of Plants

Get the recipe from Full of Plants.


12. Roasted Veggie Buddha Bowl with Quinoa and Avocado

roasted veggie buddha bowl with quinoa and avocado

Source: Well Plated

Get the recipe from Well Plated.


13. Cuban Quinoa Bowl with Spicy Lemon Cashew Dressing

cuban quinoa bowl with spicy lemon cashew dressing

Source: Heather Christo

Get the recipe from Heather Christo.


14. Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl

sweet potato chickpea buddha bowl

Source: Minimalist Baker

Get the recipe from Minimalist Baker.


15. Baked Falafel Buddha Bowl

baked falafel buddha bowl

Source: The Healthful Ideas

Get the recipe from The Healthful Ideas.

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