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6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Throw a Holiday Party With Your Friends

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December 18, 2016 · 2k Views

The holidays are here and it is the perfect time of year for a party. Whether you are celebrating Christmas with your friends or want to ring in the New Year, you can do it on a budget and save in some really easy ways. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a fun time and these budget-friendly tips can help you rein in your spending on your holiday bash while still making it an event to remember.

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6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Throw a Holiday Party With Your Friends bells icon

1. Have It At Your Home

holiday party at home

Source: Country Living

Forgo the tradition of having your holiday party at a restaurant or club. Invite everyone you know to your home and get the party started. Your house is the ideal location for a party and the more people you invite the merrier it will be.

You don’t need a fancy venue to impress guests as they are most likely coming to see you and your friends. Restaurants, bars, and clubs can be expensive especially during the holidays and this is the perfect way to save without crimping your festive style this holidays.

Your home will be a warm and cozy site for a holiday party and will make everyone feel welcome the moment they arrive. Forget a special location for your party as they are impersonal and stodgy. Go for a party at your home for an intimate setting that will allow guests to be themselves.


2. Schedule It For January

holiday party

Source: NPR

If you can help it, schedule your holiday party after the holidays. Not only will the prices of everything you need for your party be cheaper but your guests won’t be as busy.

Everyone plans their party for December and this often leads to conflicts and guests that have to attend more than one part in a night. You’ll have a better turnout and more lively guests if you plan a party in January after the holidays have died down. This will also save you big on food, drinks, and decorations as you’ll be able to score some of these items at a discount after the holidays.

You can still keep the holiday theme alive at your party in January as people love to celebrate the holidays long after they are over. Having a party after the actual holidays can help you save big and your guests will appreciate the timing.


3. Go Digital

digital invitation

Source: Best Friends for Frosting

When it comes to invitations, think digital. Uses email or social media to send a personal invite to your guests. There is no need to purchase paper invitations in today’s day and age as digital is how most people organize their lives.

You can still give it a personal touch by designing it yourself and adding a special message but this will save you on those costly holiday invites that aren’t that creative anyway.

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4. Bring A Dish To Pass

dinner party at home

Source: Marie Claire

Everyone loves a party when they contribute in some way to make it successful. Have everyone bring their favorite holiday-inspired dish to pass and you will have a table of food with something for everyone. This can cut down on your overall party costs as you won’t be responsible for feeding your lengthy guest list. Plus, your guests will be able to sample treats from a variety of holiday kitchens as your guests get creative and bring something they know everyone will love.

Don’t feel like you have to prepare all the food for your guests as most will be willing to oblige with something to pass. It can be quite costly to cover feeding everyone and making dishes for everyone’s tastes. By having your guests chip in with a dish, it will ensure there is something for everyone’s taste buds.


5. Get Creative With Decorations

diy christmas decorations

Source: Fresh American Style - Annie Selke

With any holiday party, you want to set the mood with some decorations that are in the holiday spirit. Get creative and use nature this time of year to your advantage. There are plenty of holiday-themed planting that you can gather without breaking the bank when it comes to decorations for your party.

Choose evergreens, berries, and pinecones as options or even put up your own Christmas tree. You don’t need to go crazy with decorations as your guests are there to have some fun and not judge your décor. Keep it simple and use what you have on hand or can get easily and cheaply. No one will be the wiser and you will still have a party that looks festive for the holidays.


6. Use Your Own Entertainment

spotify holiday

Source: Spotify

Entertainment for a holiday party can be expensive and is really not necessary. Keep in mind that your guests are mostly there to mingle and enjoy the evening. Plan your own entertainment by choosing some music apps that will set the right mood. Apps such as Pandora or Spotify offer holiday stations that will get everyone in the holiday spirit and the cost to you will be nothing.

You can also get creative and create your own holiday playlist from some of your favorite Christmas tunes. Just put them all together into one playlist on your iPod or phone and play throughout the evening while your guests enjoy themselves. Even downloading a few songs to add to your mix will be cheaper than hiring a DJ or band and your guests will still enjoy themselves.


Planning a holiday party on a budget couldn’t be easier as you save on these essential party features. You’ll still have the party you dreamed of without going broke in the process. Remember that everyone is there to have a little fun and catch up with friends and won’t mind if you don’t have fancy decorations or a jamming DJ. Get planning your holiday party as you certainly can afford to throw one this year with these budget-friendly tips.

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