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19 Bulk Food Items You Should Be Buying at Costco

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Stephanie MialkiGuest Blogger
June 06, 2016 · 22.1k Views

Many people believe that buying in bulk is the only way to do your grocery shopping. While this may not be true of absolutely everything in the stores, it is certainly true of many products. Buying these select items in bulk equates to big money savings! So, if you haven’t jumped on the Costco train yet, maybe it’s about time! Here are 19 bulk food items you should be buying at Costco and nowhere else!


Dairy Products

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You can expect to pay about 30% less than other supermarket prices on dairy items such as milk, cream, half and half, butter, yogurt, and cheese. Don’t forget, you can freeze many dairy products, like butter and cheese, so there’s no need to worry about buying them in bulk! If you’ve got the room in your refrigerator and freezer, then stock up!

  1. Milk: Some Costcos have been known to supply two gallons of organic milk for $11, which is about $1 cheaper than other grocery stores that typically sell organic milk for $5.99 per gallon. Almond milk is also much cheaper at Costco than it is at other stores. For example, you can buy two cartons of almond milk at Costco for the price of one at Target.

  2. Butter: While most grocery stores sell 1 lb of butter for about $4 or $5, you can find it at Costco for about $12 for 4 lbs!

  3. Cheese: Costco has unbeatable prices on brick cheese, gourmet cheese, and string cheese! You can expect to find 2 lb blocks of cheddar cheese at Costco for 40% cheaper than the Great Value brand at Walmart. Costco brick cheese tends to cost about 15 cents per ounce, while Walmart brick cheese sells for about 25 cents per ounce. In terms of string cheese, Frigo string cheese typically costs about 41.6 cents per cheese stick, Walmart-brand string cheese costs about 24.3 cents per cheese stick, and Costco’s string cheese wins again at about 16.7 cents per cheese stick.

Fresh Produce

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Buying your fresh produce from Costco not only allows you to get more bang for your buck while eating healthy, but this bulk-food store also carries an outstanding selection of organic fresh produce! Some favorite organic produce buys from Costco include spinach, mixed greens, power greens, strawberries, raspberries, apples, and grapes. The organic spinach sells for about 64% less than other competitor grocery stores, so you could buy 3 lbs of spinach at Costco for the price of 1 lb at Walmart! Take a look at some of these other awesome recent deals on produce:

  1. Mixed greens, power greens, and spinach: $3 per large container

  2. Bananas: 3 lbs for $1.39

  3. Sweet potatoes: 5 lbs for $5.79

  4. Dates: 2 lbs for $8.49

  5. Organic baby carrots: 5 lbs for $5.29


Source: Peanut Butter and Peppers

While some snacks are probably better bought somewhere else, there are some specific snacks that should definitely be bought at Costco, such as apple sauce squeeze pouches, Back to Nature animal crackers, and Annie’s fruit snacks. Anyone with kids knows that these snacks and these prices are unbeatable!

  1. Apple sauce squeeze pouches: So far, no store beats Costco’s price for applesauce squeezes! While they typically cost 50 cents per pouch at Walmart, they only cost 32.5 cents per pouch at Costco.

  2. Back to Nature animal crackers: These are somewhat of a new product at Costco. They can be found for $9.99 for a case of 24 snack-packs.

  3. Annie’s fruit snacks: This is another new product at Costco stores. They are sold for $11.99 for a box of 36 snack-packs.

Baking and Cooking Ingredients

Source: Nutrition Secrets

If you do a lot of cooking and baking in your house, you know that it can become quite expensive over time! Therefore, Costco is definitely the place to get your ingredients if you’re looking to save a few dollars, as they have the best deals on items such as flour, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, cooking sprays and oils, spices and seasonings, baking yeast, and evaporated milk. You may not be able to use all of these bulk items at one time, but luckily, most of these products don’t spoil, so feel free to stock up and use them as you need them.

  1. Almond flour: If you’ve ever bought almond flour before, you know that it is not cheap. Costco just recently started carrying a high-quality brand of almond flour, Honeyville Almond Flour, that is only $22.99 for a 3 lb bag!

  2. Cooking spray: No one can beat the price of Costco’s canola oil cooking spray. At just 14.7 cents per ounce - compared to Walmart’s 27 cents per ounce - Costco has all of the other stores beat!

  3. Pure vanilla extract: Only at Costco can you buy pure vanilla extract at the price of imitation vanilla extract. Pure vanilla extract is only 62 cents per ounce at Costco, while it is a whopping $1.84 per ounce at Walmart and other grocery stores.

  4. Spices and seasonings: One trip to Costco and you’ll never want to buy your spices in those small containers from other stores again. There is no better or cheaper way to buy spices and seasonings, than in bulk from Costco!

  5. Oils: You can never have enough olive oil or coconut oil, so buying it in bulk is a must! Luckily, Costco has awesome prices on both of these! You can find olive oil priced around $14 for a 2-liter bottle, and coconut oil around $27 for two 42.3-ounce jars.

Nut Butters

Source: Popsugar

Whether you prefer peanut butter, almond butter, other nut butters, or just some good old nutella, your best bet for buying any of these is at Costco.

  1. Peanut butter: In most grocery stores, the all-natural peanut butters tend to cost more than the peanut butters with additives. Well, at Costco, not only is the peanut butter cheaper than in other competitor stores, but you can also find the all-natural peanut butters for the same price as the peanut butters with additives in them! For example, Adams Natural Peanut Butter at Costco costs the same as Skippy Peanut Butter there!

  2. Almond butter: The Kirkland Signature nut butters taste just as good as the other more expensive nut butters, but they’re much cheaper! You can buy a 27-ounce jar for only $11.99.

  3. Nutella: Attention all Nutella addicts: Costco is the only place you should be buying your Nutella, as it is over 25% cheaper here than at other supermarkets. You can purchase a pack of two 33.5-ounce jars for just over $12!

There you have it, folks! The best bulk food items that you shouldn’t be buying anywhere else but Costco! These 19 items alone will make your Costco membership worth every single penny!

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