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21 Camping Hacks To Remember On Your Next Adventure

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Kate MurphyGuest Blogger
June 23, 2016 · 2.6k Views

Camping should be a fun and relaxing time for everyone. But if you have ever spent a few days and nights outdoors, you know that camping takes work and unexpected things happen. Most people don’t know that there are tricks, tips, and secrets designed to make camping easy and enjoyable. Follow this list of camping hacks to guarantee that your next wilderness escape is the best yet.

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1. Use Cooking Herbs To Repel Mosquitoes

Source: Martha Stewart

Most of us humans like our meals enhanced with the flavor and scent of rosemary. Mosquitoes however, are repelled by the herb’s aroma. Have the camp chef throw a few stalks of rosemary on the grill to keep the pesky insects away.

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2. Remove a Tick

Finding a tick on you or a camping buddy is always a downer. You can extract the nasty thing with just liquid soap and a cotton ball. First, soak the cotton ball in soap and place it on the tick for 20 seconds. This will prompt the tick to stop gnawing at the skin. The parasite should then come away when you remove cotton ball after 20 seconds. To ease any worries about Lyme disease, place the tick in a jar or plastic bag for testing.

3. Your Phone Gets Wet

Source: Aur Batao Kuch

So you dropped your phone in the river and still have 3 days of camping left. Put it in a plastic bag full of rice. Leave it there for a couple of days to soak up the moisture and possibly save your phone.

4. Save Those Silica Gel Packs

You know those silica gel packs that are always in the boxes of new shoes? Start saving them. You can store them with camping cookware to help prevent rust.

5. Doritos For Kindling

Source: Only in Your State

The next time you make a campfire, just reach for the bag of Doritos. Corn chips are a great fire starter.

6. Sandpaper For Lighting Matches

Glue sandpaper to the lid of a plastic container that holds the matches. You can then light the matches by striking them on the sandpaper.

7. Boozy Roasted Marshmallows

Source: Survival Life

After roasting a marshmallow, dip it in Bailey’s for a delicious treat that doubles as a nightcap.

8. Altoids Cans For Small Storage

Start holding onto those Altoids cans to use for small storage. They are perfect for holding band-aids and lighters. My Dad uses them to organize the flies he ties for fly-fishing.

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9. Tic-Tac Container For Storing Spices and Herbs

Source: The 15th District

Fill up empty Tick-Tac containers with cooking ingredients like cinnamon, pepper, rosemary, and garlic.

10. Paper Bag Bacon and Eggs

Avoid a messy clean up by tossing strips of bacon and some cracked eggs into a paper bag. Attach it to a stick and hold it over the fire for 7-10 minutes. You’re camping so it’s totally acceptable to eat right from the bag!

11. Store Eggs in a Bottle

Source: LifeHacker

Avoid the inevitable mess of splattered eggs in your food cooler by first breaking them at home. Then mix them up and put the liquid into a plastic water bottle.

12. Easy Morning Coffee

For a simple way to make a morning cup of Joe, put a single serving of ground coffee into a coffee filter, then tie tightly with tooth floss. It’s like a tea bag, and just needs hot water.

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13. Cook Cinnamon Rolls in Hollowed Out Oranges

Source: Hir Magazin

Place a raw cinnamon roll in a hollowed out orange peel, then place it directly on the hot coals. Wait until the pastry dough is fully cooked. Now enjoy a delicious cinnamon roll with a hit of orange flavor. Here’s the full recipe.

14. Wrap Meat in Cabbage Leaves

Cooking meat over a campfire can be tricky. Try wrapping meat in cabbage leaves and then place it directly on the hot coals. The moisture from the cabbage saves the meat from drying out.

15. Camping Sangria

Source: Shop Mazama Tumblr

Relaxing with a cocktail after a long day on the trails is one of the best things about camping. Camping sangria is a delicious and refreshing treat. Throw all the necessary ingredients into a large Mason and place it in your refrigerator for a few hours. Bring the beverage to camp and enjoy! Try this recipe.

16. Foam Floor Tiles For a Comfortable Tent Bed

To create a soft and even tent floor, put down a layer of foam floor tiles. You’ll be exhausted from the day’s activities and this will ensure a good night’s sleep.

17. Make a Camp Lantern Out of a Water Jug and Headlight

Source: Rebrn

Light is always hard to come by when camping at night. Try this pro tip. Strap a headlight onto a large water jug to make a luminous camp lantern.

18. Set Up a Camp Washing Station

A large empty detergent bottle can be recycled to make a camp washing station. Fill it up with water and set it on top of a table. Add a roll of paper towels and hand soap for a tidy and accessible spot where everyone can wash up.

19. Campfire Cones

Source: Babble

S’mores will forever be the ultimate camping treat, but campfire cones come in a close second. You’ll need ice cream cones, marshmallows, fillings of your choice and tin foil. Filling possibilities are endless – chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, coconut, peanuts, and even fruit! Wrap in tin foil and hold over the fire until the marshmallow and chocolate melts. Try this recipe and dig in!

20. Campfire Nachos

This is a meal the whole family will love. Place a layer of nachos in a large cast iron pan. Then add a middle layer with fillings of your choice, and top with another layer of nachos. Cover the pan with tin foil. Have grill grate over the fire and place the pan on top. Cook for 10-15 minutes until the cheese has melted. Then Chow Down! Try this recipe.

21. Make a Plastic Bag Dispenser

Source: A Simple Heart For Home Blogspot

Grocery store plastic bags can be reused as small trash bags to keep around the campsite. Put the bags in an empty baby wipes container. Pull one from the top, just like you pull a tissue from a tissue box. Voila! You have an easy-to-use plastic bag dispenser.

Summer is the time most of us head for the great outdoors. Follow this list and your friends will soon be calling you the MacGyver of camping.


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