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10 Easy Car Tricks Everyone Should Know

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August 17, 2016 · 2.5k Views

You already know that your car is one of the most important items you own and taking good care of it is a priority. But did you know there are many tips and tricks to help you make the most of your car while saving  precious time (and space?) Read on for a useful list of hacks that will make driving your car a more enjoyable experience.

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  1. If you car gets stuck in the snow or mud, you need to create traction to push the vehicle out of the trap. You can use a floor mat to help create enough traction to get the car out of the mud/snow. If you live in a climate with heavy snow or mud issues, you should keep a few things like rock salt and a small shovel in your car just in case. If you get stuck in such a situation, the shovel will help you remove the snow or mud in front of your car and the rock salt will help melt the snow surrounding the car.

    Source: PJ Star Blog
  2. The next time you get inside your car and notice the windows are all fogged up, try this useful trick. Turn on the car's defrosters and heat, the air conditioning comes on when the defroster is turned up and it will dehumidify the air, removing the fog from the windows.

    Source: Allstate Blog
  3. Another winter problem for car owners: doors that freeze shut. You can easily prevent this from happening in the first place by not locking your doors which prevents them from freezing shut. If you live in a place where you're not comfortable with unlocked car doors, you can try placing duct tape over the door as an alternative.

    Source: Thrifty Fun
  4. If you've parked your car in a large area with other similar cars and can't find your vehicle, download the iParked Here (Crazy Dogs Apps) that will remember your car's parked location. It works for both indoor and outdoor parking situations.

    Source: Crazy Dog Apps
  5. Keep your car neat and organized by implementing a few smart hacks in your car. You can use a small plastic cereal container in the car for a small trash bin. You can use olive oil remove stains on the leather car seats. Stay organized by attaching a shoe or accessory holder on the back of one of the front seats to keep essentials close by without losing them in the car. Apply a sticky pad to keep everyone's smartphones in one safe location.
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    Source: Lesson Website
  6. You don't need to suffer from heat just because your car lacks air conditioning. Turn on the car's fan to blow cool air and lower the window to circulate it. You could also open the moon roof to let in a breeze.

    Source: Kia Motors
  7. Clean up your car's surface and overall appearance with these two useful tricks. Does you car have minor scratches? Apply a coat of clear nail polish over the scratch surface. Are you trying to removed an old bumper sticker from your car? Take a hair dry and hold it about six inches from the sticker and blow heat back and forth on the sticker until it starts to show signs of peeling. Remove the sticker.

    Source: Instructables
  8. Check your car's side mirrors to make sure they are in the right position. If you can see the side of you car through the windows, you will need to reposition them so that you will be able to get a better view of what is behind you and avoid blindspots.

    Source: Autos CheatSheet
  9. Take proper care of your car by cleaning the engine at least once every few weeks. You don't even have to use a specially formulated product to clean it either, you can just use dish soap and water to clean it. Before you even start the process be sure to cover up the battery and electrical parts first.
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    Source: Vantage Plus Insurance
  10. Skip the carwash and clean your car yourself. Instead of paying a lot of money to have your car buffed at the wash, take the DIY approach and use hair conditioner to give it more shine minus annoying streaks.

    Source: Grandma's Home Remedies


Simplfiy your life by implementing any one of the aforemention car owner hacks today. Save time for the things that really matter and share your favorite hacks with all your friends who will appreciate the tips.


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Anna Peel is a freelance writer from Savannah, Georgia. She's written for many websites including CheapToday, ValueWalk, and Peku Publications. When she isn't writing, she is shopping for the best deals online and at bricks-and-mortar stores.