In the past couple of years, Macy's has been experiencing a downfall in sales, thus leading to the closure of numerous stores throughout the nation. More stores are expected to close in early 2017, and we have the list of locations that will be shutting down.
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Don't get me wrong, F21 and UO is great but we're getting weary of the same old stores. Below are some underrated stores that's fast becoming our new online favorites.
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The quality of denim is easily reflected in the number of times you wear your jeans. When it comes to investing in a pair of jeans that are stylish, will last you, and feel great, consider these 5 notable brands to get you started. Learn about J Brand, Paige, and more denim companies.
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Coconut oils have multiple health benefits and they can be used on a variety of things. Coconut oil fans can find new ways to apply this healthy oil outside of the kitchen that includes home care, beauty care and more. Check out these 15 alternate ways to use coconut oil now!
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Ever wonder what Trader Joe's beauty products are the best? Here, you'll find the top 15 beauty products from Trader Joe's private label that are a win-win all around. From body wash to moisturizer, see what's good at your local Trader Joe's beauty aisle.
We're teaming up with premier boots brand UGG to giveaway to one lucky DealsPlus member a $500 holiday gift card to use on absolutely anything and everything at UGG! Take a look at popular UGG boots, slippers and more and enter for your chance to win now! We have giveaways going every week for the holiday season so you'll have multiple chances to be a winner.
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