With more than 50% of Amazon being from 3rd party sellers, it can be hard to know what is legit, and what is a waste of money. Check out these tips and tools to shop with confidence.
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If you're using your credit card in the ways mentioned, you're probably not helping yourself or your credit score. Doing things like carrying a monthly
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Use your first credit card carelessly, and you could wind up damaging your credit and paying avoidable interest and fees. Learn the basics of how credit cards work and how to pay them, however, and they could become a valuable financial tool. Here's what you should know.
Read about some effective money-saving habits and some that aren't so good!
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When buying your first home, there are many things to consider. It's always beneficial to learn from others mistakes so you make the best decisions when making big purchases like buying a first home. Check out these 5 mistakes to avoid when you make your first home purchase.
Here's a quick glossary of basic financial terms that every adult should know about. If you're just starting to learn more about personal finance, we suggest taking a quick look below and becoming familiar with the follow terms.
Want to learn how to start investing but don't necessarily have a huge amount of savings at your disposal? It's not a problem. Take a look at these three basic investing concepts and how you can start investing even if it's just a little at a time. Try out these top rated finance apps that will not only help you keep tracking of all investments but grant you easy access to top financial advisers.
Health insurance can cost an arm and a leg but with modern health alternatives like telemedicine, you can easily get health services for less than what your insurance may offer. Take a look at other health insurance alternatives from telephone doctors, health apps and medical sharing programs that could help you save right now.
Read about 3 terrible pieces of financial advice I've received throughout the years, including tips about renting, paying off debt, and investing. Then I'll share what you should actually do instead.
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If you're considering closing an old credit card account, using debt settlement, and others mentioned in this list, educate yourself on how these habits can actually lower your credit score.