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We've taken all of our roundups related to COVID-19 and compiled them here!
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If you're looking to start your mornings off in a healthier way, look no further than these 10 healthy morning habits. These simple habits are easy and are great for your body, so you'll feel great.
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Need a health app? Choose one from this list of best health apps or even download a few. There's apps for everything nowadays where you can conduct an eye exam or even measure your heart rate right from your finger tips. Browse from calorie trackers, healthy food swaps, exercises and much more health apps.
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Health insurance can cost an arm and a leg but with modern health alternatives like telemedicine, you can easily get health services for less than what your insurance may offer. Take a look at other health insurance alternatives from telephone doctors, health apps and medical sharing programs that could help you save right now.
Lucky news if you're with this insurance company. They're the first ever major health insurance company to subsidize the Apple Watch and they have also partnered with Apple to enhance member's health experience via number of new iOS health apps. The apps will launch early 2017. Learn how you can get an Apple Watch at little to no cost during open enrollment season with...
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If you're having trouble choosing healthy options at lunch, check out these 5 tips to stay healthy when eating in the cafeteria. Making smarter decisions is easier than you think!
Staying healthy in college can be tough when you're budget is low and time is limited, but if you plan your meals accordingly, you can have delicious, healthy meals in minutes. Check out these tips on how to eat healthy while in college.
Workout equipment can be pricey, but a kettlebell might solve yourdilemma. With one kettlebell and this exercise guide, you can achieve a complete workout. Work your arms, abs, and eggs with this one versatile tool.
College dorm rooms are notorious for being on the smaller side, but that doesn't mean you can't get a good workout in them. Use your furniture and textbooks as makeshift workout equipment to do pushups, curls, and more.
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Workouts don't require exercise equipment or a gym membership; sometimes all you need is your smart phone. Check out these apps that provide fun ways to motivate you to get active and stay active.
McDonald's introduce progress to their health plans. Introduces Chicken McNuggets and other chicken menu items with no artificial preservatives and more.
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