Savvy Shopping

15 Products You Should Always Buy Generic cover image
Looking to save some money? Find out what products you can buy 'generic' without giving up the quality.
Prom Dress Under $100 & Prom Hairstyles 2016 cover image
Prom is coming up in a few short months! Spot under $100 prom dresses and search for your perfect prom do' now. Mastering prom on a budget is the key to success.
Splurge Vs Steal: Best Drugstore Makeup Dupes cover image
Check out these affordable makeup dupes and swaps that can be compared to your favorite high-end makeup classics.
#TeamFrugal: Professional Athletes and Frugality cover image
Sadly, it’s become increasingly more common to hear stories in the news of multi-million dollar athletes reaching rock bottom and declaring bankruptcy. I recently addressed this epidemic in, “Why Do Celebrities and Athletes Go Broke?” With these alarming statistics and repeated news stories of athletes failing with their money, it would be easy to make the assumption that they’re all living that way. This makes the rare instances of athletes living frugally stand out.
15 Things Worth Splurging On cover image
Frugal living is all about avoiding frivolous spending, and instead consciously choosing to spend your money on what truly matters most to you. This could be a vacation, a hobby, or various other examples. It’s also about spending smarter and finding the most value as possible, even if it comes with a higher price tag upfront.
Tried & True: One Extra Month of Amazon Prime for Free! cover image
Prime membership isn’t that expensive when you take into account all of the advantages they offer but… save where you can, right?
5 Reasons Why Better Return Policies Mean Less Returns cover image
Why does having a better return policy result in less returns? It's because a no-questions-asked policy will make shoppers more likely to buy a product and having more time to return will create less urgency to seek a refund in addition to other factors that ease the return process.
12 Hacks for More Comfortable High Heels cover image
We all know how agonizing a long night of wearing high heels can be, yet we still do it. High heels pull an outfit together, give you that “long-legged” look, and help height-challenged ladies keep long dresses and skirts from dragging on the floor. That being said, i’m sure that you can see why putting up with…
Macy’s Offers Free Shipping on All Beauty Orders cover image
As part of an ongoing promotion at, any order containing a beauty product will qualify for free shipping and returns! Deals start at just $3 for beauty items. But wait, there’s more! Shoppers will also receive a free mystery gift with a $75 beauty purchase. And if you’re not so set on adding a beauty…