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We've taken all of our roundups related to COVID-19 and compiled them here!
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If you're stumped on a Valentine's Day gift, give the gift of travel and experience. Plan a fun, scenic, and affordable trip this Valentine's Day, or give your loved one the trip and itinerary to fly at a later date.
Check out these new and improved destinations that will be unveiled throughout 2017. Some of the places include the new Falcons and Braves stadiums in Atlanta, a new water park in Orlando, an dmore.
If you're a frequent Southwest flyer, you probably know some tricks to get cheap flights. However, chances are, you don't know all of them. Check out these 15 tips to save on your Southwest airfare and more.
For 10 select days in 2017, you can visit all the national parks for free. Although some of them fall on holidays, there are also 3 sets of days that are dedicated to national parks and public lands.
For many, Martin Luther King Jr. Day means a 3-day weekend. If you haven't planned anything, don't worry - you still have the time and money to make it a great weekend with these last-minute destinations.
During your next year of travels, you might want to think a bit more about which airline with which you book your flight. We're giving you the complete breakdown of the most and least punctual airlines of 2016 so you don't waste any time.
Hate the cold? Here are a few underrated but gorgeous, fun and most importantly, sunny destinations that you can escape to this winter! From Malaysia to Portugal, check out this list of places to travel in the winter and add them to your bucket list!
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If you love to travel but understand that you need funds to make it happen, make travel your career. Consider becoming a travel nurse, a consultant, or a flight attendant among other positions to send you around the world.
The last few holidays of the year are some of the most popular times to travel, but that means the extra charges that come with it are even more substantial. Take a look at our tips and tricks on how to avoid these hidden holiday travel costs like car rental insurance, checked baggage fees, and more so you can keep your expenses low.
Here're a few tips on how to pack tech for traveling so you can breeze through airport security. From x-ray friendly laptop bags to travel cord organizer, these tips are going to make traveling for work or leisure, much much easier.