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20 Amazing and Affordable Dates You Can Go on All Summer Long

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June 29, 2016 · 2.3k Views

For those who aren't able to plan a full-on vacation or simply needs to cut back on spending, we thought up a few fun summer date nights for you! Dating in general can take a lot out of your... savings. Especially if you're trying to go for extravagant date nights and vacations. But the best things about dating is just enjoying each other's company right? Right. So there's no need to go the whole nine yards every time. If you do want to treat yourselves to a vacation, we recommend planning in advance, using travel hacks and consider all-inclusive vacations for those who wants everything taken care of in one go.

Otherwise, if you want nice, relaxing, non-wallet burning dates this summer, take a look see at the list below for some ideas!

Heard of Groupon and Livingsocial? Well, aside from offering upward of 70% off on local deals like goods, restaurants, events and classes, they also offer coupon discounts. You can end up with up to 80% off learning kickboxing, trying a new restaurant or seeing your favorite singers live. 


1. Date Night In

While going out to dinner is the more popular option, dealing with wait times, expensive menus and crowds may not be up your ally. Instead, tidy up your home, set a romantic dinner table (candle optional), and crack open a bottle of wine. Prepare a special menu of aphrodisiac themed foods, or your partner’s favorite cuisine. After dinner, pop in his or her favorite movie or use the money you saved to grab some delectable desserts.

2. Play Truth or Dare

I know, this sounds super lame. But it can really heat things up if you have the right questions prepared. Think big, embarrassing, and even a bit naughty. Write down all of your dares and drop them into a box. Whoever turns down a truth question, has to pick a dare! Hopefully your significant other has nothing too serious to hide, or this could end up being disastrous.

3. Go on A Hike

Source: PicJumbo

I wouldn’t choose this option if you live in an area that’s currently covered in snow. Otherwise, take a short road trip to a hiking spot that is known for its gorgeous views or stunning nature scenes. Bring along a daypack with some snacks, a blanket, speakers for music, and beverages (alcoholic or not). Need help finding a trail suitable for your fitness level? Try alltrails.com.

4. Watch the Sunrise

Get up extra early to catch a beautiful Winter sunrise. This can be just outside your home, in a park, or maybe you have to take a drive to higher ground. Put together a playlist of your favorite songs, bundle up, bring along some hot chocolate, and get ready to snuggle while watching all of the beautiful colors of the sky make their debut.

5. Play in the Snow

This one’s for the snow bunnies battling their way through the cold. Embrace the cold and head to the nearest hill to go sledding or a park to make snowmen, throw snowballs, and build igloos. When you’ve had enough, head home to warm up with some booze-infused hot chocolate!

6. Go See the Stars

If you live in a city with lots of lights, make it a romantic night by driving out to an area where there are few lights. You shouldn’t have to drive more than an hour! Don’t forget to bring a blanket to lie on. Try to find constellations, ponder what’s really out there, and let the conversation flow.

7. Go to a Museum

Do some research and see if any special exhibitions are going on at a museum near you. Impress your lover with some knowledge and culture!

8. Go Camping

Source: Huffington Post

Take a weekend trip to a breathtaking location and pitch a tent. Or, do it in your backyard! Tell scary stories, make s’mores and sing your favorite songs. It will surely be romantic, especially if it’s cold! Don't forget to read up on these camping hacks as you plan your trip.

9. Go to an Arcade

Battle head to head in basketball, try to master the crane, and collect tickets to win silly prizes! Dave & Busters if you can afford it, if not- do a yelp search for a local arcade. Arcades can usually be found in mini-golf parks or at bowling alleys, so you can even make it a double-header!

10. Go on a Thrift Store Escapade

Spend the day rummaging through vintage clothes and home goods. After you’ve come home, have a model-off with your new clothes, or do some redecorating together.

11. Check out Some Live Music

Source: Visit Houston Texas

Go to a local restaurant, bar or park that has live music for free or cheap and spend the rest of the money on food and drinks. 

12. Have a Fancy Cocktail Party

Pull together some wild drink recipes and take turns playing bartender. You can even dress up like you’re going to a red carpet event, if you like that kind of thing.

13. Binge Watch a New Series

Get extra comfy on the couch with your boo and pick a series that you’ve both been dying to watch. Spend as long as it takes to watch the entire series in one day! Don’t forget the popcorn, and snag a Redbox Coupon for a free DVD rental, too! Check out these Netflix hacks for an even easier way to find new shows and take your binge watching to a new level. 

14. Take a Dance Class

Find a studio that teaches ballroom dancing for beginners and have at it. If you can’t dance, it will be that much funnier. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try swing dancing!

15. Build a Blanket Fort

Just like when you were kids. Use sheets and blankets to build a giant fort inside your bedroom or living room. Hang up some string lights for a magical touch!

16. Karaoke Night

Perform a duet to your favorite love song for a bunch of strangers. Maybe take a shot of tequila, first.

17. Put Together a Bucket List & Start Completing It

Put together a bucket list, or use the one you already have, and try to complete as many of the tasks as you can!

18. Complete a DIY project together

Make something extra special for your home that will last forever. Or, commit to making your own gifts for eachother this year.

19. Game Night

Turn one of your favorite childhood games into a drinking game. Or, just play them normally!

20. Create A Scavenger Hunt

Give clues about different locations that are meaningful to you both. Place something special at each location so that he or she knows when they are in the right place. Examples might be the place you first met, a childhood home, or your elementary school.

21. Rent a Canoe or Paddleboard 

Source: Caribbean Paddling

This one is pretty fun in the summer if you live close to the waters. Canoe and paddleboard rental by the hour will run you approximately $10 to as high as $30 dollars. We recommend looking for water activities discount vouchers on Groupon or Livingsocial

22. Live in the City? Go for a Long Distance Bike Ride.

Back when I lived in Seattle, this was one of my favorite things to do with friends or even on a date. Go to long distance bike rides to a park or beach and pack a picnic so you can hang out for awhile and enjoy the fresh outdoors.

23. Go Fruit Picking

Ever gone cherry or strawberry picking? This could be a fun activity and you'll get to actually enjoy the fruits of your labor. Head over to pickyourown.org and find a local you-pick farms and orchards near your area.

24. Head to a Drive-In

Love movies? Skip the theater and head to the drive-in instead! Some places host a drive-in free of charge but in the even that there is a fee, it'll cost way less than 2 movie tickets for sure. Pack some snacks and watch it from the trunk of your car. Enjoy the cool summer night breeze. Need to look for one? Try Yelp.com and search for drive in near you.

25. Go Play Some Sports Together

Tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, whatever you both like, head outdoors and get some activity in! Then, drop by your favorite budget lunch or dinner spot OR grab some groceries and cook together. Fun and productive.

26. Go on a Double Date!

Source: Life Hack

Finding another couple that shares really good chemistry with you and your partner could be the start of something new (corny but for those who knows what I'm talking about... its true!). The four of you guys can plan outdoor activities together, at-home dinner dates, beach dates, mini getaways etc. The more the merrier, plus it makes carpooling and splitting gas money way cheaper if you go on a road trip!

27. Brewery or Winery Tour 

Love beer/wine? Schedule a brewery tour for good eats and craft beers or escape to the vineyards and enjoy the scenic view with a glass of wine in hand. 

28. Take a Workout Class

Are you a fit couple? Try a new workout class together. From crossfit to zumba, try a work out class you're both interested in!

29. Are You in a Long Distance Relationship?

Source: Stephan Boyer

Keep in touch via FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger and schedule weeknight hangouts over Netflix! Yep, you read right. You can now Netflix long distance with this Netflix Party chrome extension. Planning to see each other soon? Make sure you know when is the best time to book your flight so you can snag some low fare deals!

30. Farmer's Market 

On the weekends, head out to a farmer's market, its like an outdoor Costco. Snag all the free samples and check out the food stalls for delicious local fares! For those who live in the city or close by, head downtown, to the water front or a nearby park and walk around.

This list is just a handful of ideas, the more creative the better. Have a great idea that's not on this list? Leave us a tip in the comments!

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I'm Florida native who relocated to California in 2014. When I am not exploring the beautiful scenery of the West Coast, I enjoy seeing live music of all types, doing acrobatic yoga, and helping others save money!

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