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Chick-fil-A Menu Hacks + Secret Items

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June 11, 2019 · 7.4k Views

What is a menu but a series of suggestions? Any restaurant worth it's salt can cater their menu to your specific cravings. Not all palates are the same, after all. Call it a secret menu or menu hack, but below we've compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you expand your taste buds at Chick-fil-A, without expanding your wallet.


Top Chick-fil-A Menu Hacks

1. Cheaper Chicken Sandwich

Fan of their regular Chicken Sandwich? Not a fan of the $3.50 price? Try ordering four chicken strips and two buttered buns instead, for $4.69. Layer two strips per bun, add your favorite sauce, and now you've got two Chicken Sandwiches! (Normally two regular chicken sandwiches would cost you about $7).


2. Free Ice Cream

When you order off the Chick-fil-A kid's menu, you get a smaller portioned meal for less money. In addition, your kids meal will also come with a toy. Rumor has it that you can substitute that toy for a free ice cream cone or cup!


3. Free Chicken?

While this hack is more morally grey than most other hacks, Chick-fil-A employees have revealed that there is a company rule that states that employees must still give you your food even if you forget your wallet or money. The idea here is that the food would go to waste anyway, so may as well just give it to the customer regardless. Again, this isn't the most ethical hack, so it's really up to you if you want to tempt some bad karma.


4. Cow Appreciation Day

You've seen the billboards on the side of the road, of cows painting signs that read "eat more chikin." Maybe these cows are onto something? In honor of the spotted barnyard animal, Chick-fil-A holds an annual Cow Appreciation Day holiday. Come in dressed up as a cow and get a free breakfast, lunch or dinner entree! Cow Appreciation Day is typically held on July 10th, from opening till 7pm.


5. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Want to spice up your favorite Chick-fil-A sandwich? Excite your taste buds by ordering a Spicy Chicken Sandwich with buffalo sauce at little to no extra cost. This thing really tastes like a buffalo chicken wing on a bun. Can you say yum?!


6. Grilled Cheese

Are you a vegetarian? Or are you simply tired of chicken? Fortunately, Chick-fil-A offers a gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich that'll take you back to your childhood. You can even add veggies, lettuce and pickles!


7. Cookie Milkshake

We love cookies. We love milkshakes. So why not combine the two? Ask for a cookie to be blended into your milkshake to create the ultimate dessert. Heck, have it for lunch or dinner too, we won't tell...


8. Lettuce Wrap

On a diet and watching your carbs? Then swapped out the bun on your sandwich for lettuce instead. Simply order your sandwich with no bun and ask for extra lettuce.


9. Chicken Quesadilla

This delicious secret menu item can only be ordered at select locations during non-peak hours. Since it takes a while to make, if you try to order one during the dinner rush, then the employees will likely tell you that they cannot make it. However, go when it's not so busy and you'll get yourself the Holy Grail of secret items. What is it? The Chicken Quesadilla is simply a burrito shell with cheese and chicken folded into a quesadilla, and it's good -- like really, really good.


10. Fried Chicken Club

A wise man once said, "chicken is served better fried than grilled." So, in that spirit, order a Chicken Club but ask for fried chicken instead of a grilled chicken breast. You still get the same sandwich but with fried chicken that would make Colonel Sanders' mouth water.


Have another Chick-fiil-A menu hack? Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

brentwashamJun 15, 2019
#3 isn't gray, it's wrong, fraudulent, pre-meditated theft and illegal. Surprised you would list it on a public forum, it just doesn't fit with the other clever but legal "hack"s.
manocchiofamilyJun 12, 2019
They also have one night a week called kids night. Between certain hours you purchase an adult meal and you get a free kids meal!
DealsorNoDealsJun 12, 2019
Awesome :) thanks for letting us know. I didn't know about that!

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